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Sep 15, 2009 at 2:55 AM
Apr 17, 2009
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Dominic002 was last seen:
Sep 15, 2009
    1. Dominic002
      if you read this download srb2 at


      and the at online launcher at


      and download the game and luancher and than go to multiplayer and go to mario and luigi fans only server ill be Dominic ill be on at 5:21 pm to 6:00 pm if no one comes
    2. Dominic002
      and we will talk about wii chat it would be nice if nintendo heard my ideas i have been thinking of ideals for about a year for Super Dominic (R) from Dominic owner of Datario

      i hope nintendo will here my ideals if do contact me at

      just type go to your email and in send type superdominic@gmail.com in to get me the mail
    3. Dominic002
      ill be on every night at 10:00 pm to i dont know if got any questions about Super Dominic
      (R) just let me know and ill try to answer your question only send me messages at 10:00
      to 12:00

      if you play runescape you csn talk to me there to user name Dominic002 add if you want im mostly in clan wars if i get alot of peopel wondering about the game im makeing we will meet in wizerd castle ill be in world 3 all the time if i cant get there world 4 im not s member level 60 or ill be in

      http://aog1.funorb.com/armiesofgielinor/8154/game.ws?js=1 some re some reason it wont work in google so copy and paste it in the bare to the right of google if that dose not work game name is armies of gielinor

      (Note) must have a runescape account to play armies of gielinor and every game on the site

      if cant find me leave a message here during 10:00 pm to 12:00 pm
    4. Dominic002
      aill be back on my wii in augest i will play brawl but i will mostly play the conduit

      and ill be makeing my game Super Dominic datario (R)
    5. Dominic002
      and ill be makeing my game
    6. Dominic002
      ill be back online on my wii in augest wil play brawl but will mostly play the conduit
    7. kikae
    8. BirdMasterLv100
      Sure in what though?
      Brawl? if so send me your fc & i'll send you mine.
    9. Dominic002
    10. bayne
      sorry i think i will give it a skip
    11. Bodine
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