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Nov 28, 2014 at 10:42 PM
Apr 26, 2011
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Egozilla was last seen:
Nov 28, 2014
    1. KNOWN1
      The chat feature is really nice- Unless you wanna use that chatzy site?
    2. CapnJonas
      Ah I suspected that guy in BB was cheating. & the time we were crushed in BB a few days ago was your gf. I was wondering why the fighting style was so different.Is it possible for you to have a Gambit w/ Thermal Scope in one of your loadouts? I don't really want to have to wait until I'm Lv 55 before I get any kills with it. My Idea is I could pick up a gun in exchange for my Strata w/ ACOG, which you then pick up in exchange for the Gambit, then I pick up the Gambit. & hopefully not die before I get to use it.BTW, have I been performing well enough? Except for the times where my Wii keeps freezing.
    3. KNOWN1
      GGs today..I was using the Strag and the Sigmas 9 trying to lvl them up...Do you have a skype?
    4. scout00721
      yea. well... good game today bro :)
    5. Deku
      Haha maybe I'll see you or I won't XD. But I will find you and kill you! it may be once and it may be many times...but once is all I need for my satisfaction. mwahahahahahaha!!! lol...
    6. riordan_85
      sounds good, i got one that is amazing for huge crappie and decent bass.
    7. scout00721
      cool. oh and i noticed that u don't have DE anywhere in ur name. DE members must have DE in their name. and thanks for the input on the clan merge. :)
    8. scout00721
      cool. thx. btw, what do u think about merging clans with DE and MG?
    9. riordan_85
      yeah, i got those up in minnesota. take a trip up there every year. awesome bass fishing. that smallmouth in my pic is about 6lbs. 21 in long.
    10. riordan_85
      lol the next town over. i live in davenport. im originally from illinois tho.
    11. scout00721
      hey, wats up? sorry i had to leave in our last game. my internet f**ked up and i couldn't play online for 2 hrs. srry
    12. Volcarona
      Lol, sorry bout both instances. I can never tell whether it's you or your girl. :D
    13. scout00721
      we have 4 people. i had to remake the website because of some problems with it.
    14. scout00721
    15. scout00721
      have u signed up for the de website yet?
    16. scout00721
      ok. thanks for the time convenience's. i don't have a specific time. i just play when ever, but i'll invite u if i see. :)
    17. scout00721
      hey, wats up?
    18. Volcarona
      Is that your GF again? I'm fighting you right now.
    19. 24gh12
      well well well if it isn't my friend egozilla
    20. Volcarona
      You just got your butt handed to you by my lvl 20 secondary profile, GLaDOS. You need to practice, bud :D
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