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Dec 15, 2020 at 6:00 PM
Jan 11, 2007
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Net Slum

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Super Mοderator, Male, from Net Slum

Staff Member Moderator

Teague Vox#7093 Just tell me who you are on this forum. Dec 24, 2018

Fox was last seen:
Dec 15, 2020
    1. castlezelda
      how r u Fox?
    2. Shadow*91
      if you and napalm are gonna continue talking in a locked thread, you may as well re-open it to allow others to offer thier opinions as well.

      personally i don't see why you closed it to begin with. it was a valid thread, why not let people voice thier opinions?
    3. King of Pop
      King of Pop
      I was [DS]Leader. Me you and SSBFreak always talked to each other
    4. King of Pop
      King of Pop
      You forgot who I was?
    5. King of Pop
      King of Pop
      Its ok man. I always like talking to you though :)
    6. PokeChamp
      Holy crap it's been a long time. Man, when did you become a super mod? I'm just as much as a vet as you are :|

      I'm addicted to Diablo 2 Expansion, so if you got it, lemme know. pokechamp_64@hotmail.com
    7. King of Pop
      King of Pop
      Now wifi for your DS? Interesting. Well whatever game you have for Wii I suppose we can do that. Mario Kart Wii sound good?
    8. RockerJ
      I'll keep that in store. My mom won't let me get LIVE. grrr...
      But I will as soon as she lets me.
    9. slutteco
      we should brawl im goog at it 4597-8100-6446
    10. King of Pop
      King of Pop
      Hey man how are you? Would you like to Battle?
    11. RockerJ
      I finally got a 360 this morning. Only got really 3 games (L4D2, Army of 2, and Ninja Gaiden 2), but LEGO Batman (came with the Elite) is actually really fun.
    12. Splash_King
      Ah, I've been playing my 360 more than anything else too. Especially since Assassin's Creed 2 came out recently. ... It's ending was shameful, though, really. AC2 strays too far away from the original's formula too, IMO, great game or not.

      I'd kill for a laptop, I'd be able to keep up with all that's going on in Wiichat. ... Not that there's much going on, these days. :lol: That, and having the internet when I'm away from home more than half the week would be nice.

      Work... and plenty of it. School, and the other reasons that forced me to go inactive, bar weekends. Havn't had much time for anything else, honestly.

      The irony in a member becoming less active once he's promoted to Super Mod status. :lol:

      What've you been up to?
    13. spyro king
      spyro king
      then i guess u no this
      do a barrel roll!
    14. spyro king
      spyro king
      dose the fox in your name mean fox or the starfox fox?
    15. Splash_King
      Heyyy, Fox, what's up? =)

      As I've been saying lately, it's been too long.
    16. spyro king
      spyro king
      hello ms/mr mod
    17. darkwolf22
      watz up dude u wanna play some brawl (if u got it) i will give fc
    18. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      C'mon, ms. super mod. (Are you a she or he? I've been told she, so I'll go with that.) Still, i'm used to hacking for sooooo long, and i went up a whole level by actually playing against the probes. I didn't think i hadz it in me. Why are you against boa? you should be for us! >.
    19. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      lol! you wouldn't be in a boa war, since i already defeated you epicly. ;)
    20. The Storm
      The Storm
      I answered your Star Wars question on the thread for ya.
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    "That was but a prelude; where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people as well."
    -Heinrich Heine