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Mar 15, 2016 at 1:17 PM
Jan 24, 2008
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Larchmont, NY
Part-Time Collegegoer, Part-Time Spider-Man, Full-

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Ouroboros, from Larchmont, NY

GigaRidley was last seen:
Mar 15, 2016
    1. Firesys
      But who has the Wiiu has Wii automatically :),plays the Wii games online?

      If not thanks anyway.
    2. Firesys
      Hey you still playing Wii online games?

      what games?

    3. Neosquid
      I told MR to message you when he decides. As for Assasin, I'll ask, but I'm doubtful.
    4. Neosquid
      I'm probably just gonna make one character this time, for the record.
    5. Neosquid
      Asking MR, I don't know of any other options. RockerJ doesn't like RP's. Maybe Assasin? Doubtful, but I could ask him too, I guess.
    6. Neosquid
      Okay, thanks. It does sound like fun tho.
    7. Neosquid
      It sounds cool! But what exactly is Aravad? Sorry if I missed something, but I reread a little and ctrl + f (search) didn't help.
    8. Splash_King
      In regards t' personality, definitely undeniable.
    9. Splash_King
      If it's a good read, most certainly. Don't forget t' link it to me, 'cause 'Karp knows I'll forget to ask for it again. Believe it or not my moveset is comprised of four Amnesia.

      Grand choice of avatar, by the way.
    10. Splash_King
      Only if its setting is under the sea.

      Aquatic jokes aside, nah. I'm still retired and don't see myself comin' outta retirement any time soon... if ever. Sorry bro. I've had the occasional urge to RP over the past few years, but nothin' recent. Reckon they've died out for good.
    11. Splash_King
      ... ... ... Fins are better than legs anyways. ¬_¬
    12. Neosquid
      Are you able to give away any non-spoilerific story details?
    13. Splash_King
      Last I checked, chickens ain't too good at kickin'. Unless they're a Blaziken.
    14. Neosquid
      Storm, good, good. I can ask MR too, he might wanna join, depending on what it's about. Dirge...well, he's refusing to RP, last time I checked, we could try again but our efforts would probably be in vain.
    15. Neosquid
      I'm interested, and I like to believe I'd be better than last time, but I'm concerned about it sinking again. Who do you have?
    16. Neosquid
      Oh, hi Giga. I'm...alright, maybe. ^^; Yourself?
    17. Bodine
      Long time no see lol
    18. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Also Bodine has a new RP if you want to join
      It will be starting soon
    19. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      If you ever do comeback and are still interested in Brawl Movesets, I created a new thread that will catalog most of them.
      And if you want to see movesets you have not seen before I made 10 new ones and I think Neosquid made a couple new ones and CK is working on one currently
    20. The Storm
      The Storm
      Dear Richand Zamikios,

      This is your oldest foe and mortal enemy, Storm Valentine. I am sending you this letter to inform you that I have escaped the Void of Eternal Torture, and that I will be sure to stop by your humble abode to finish destroy both you and your dear Siana. Role Playing has since died, with the story of Realms being the last successful RP. Richand, though I am the villain and desire nothing less than your destruction, I am afraid I cannot continue this story without you. What say you? See the latest IC post in Realms: Rebirth of Evil. Return to Renit, help me find people to replace former characters, and let us continue the epic struggle that Realms had come to be.

      Every villain needs a hero... You complete the story, Richand. Return to Renit, and help me finish what we began.


      Storm Valentine, Dictator of Destry
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    Larchmont, NY
    Part-Time Collegegoer, Part-Time Spider-Man, Full-
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    I consider myself a pretty easy guy to get along with...

    Videogames (Zelda, Metroid, Smash, KH), biking, hanging out, drawing, collecting useless things