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Great Alex
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Oct 2, 2009 at 6:44 PM
Jan 25, 2009
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Great Alex

WiiChat Member

Great Alex was last seen:
Oct 2, 2009
    1. GCommander
      It's because I made a blog (it was on the front page) and I posted the link to it on Chat Rooms and on other peoples blogs and I didn't know that you couldn't do that so I got banned for 24 hours.
      I think that it was Cheese and iSpinda (something like that) who banned me.
    2. GCommander
      I came here a lot during the summer.
    3. GCommander
      Not much, you?
    4. hicks31
      He's at AiB. ;)
    5. RockerJ
      Dude... Where ARE you?
    6. hicks31
      Would you be interested in joining an MKW tourney on this site? If so, tell Night as well.
    7. Godwind
      Still maining with Wolf and Martha Stewart.
    8. Godwind
      I noticed that. The new league has a pretty good player named BoG at the current moment. I am sure you are the only one that can beat him.
    9. Pichu2k7
      If you didn't remember I did it all the time with my Lucas since it made the grab lag smaller, and yeah GGS very funny when I FALCON PAAAWWWWNCHED my friend Ichy in the face for a KO:lol:
    10. Jirachi720
      Where on Earth are you? xD
    11. Godwind
    12. Pichu2k7
      Come online DX
    13. Jirachi720
    14. Jirachi720
    15. Pichu2k7
      Yeah wiichat does make everything easier and it is more confortable to go to if your looking for a chat or something and hey it's not 90% about brawl!!! Its also 5% CoD and 25% others
    16. Pichu2k7
      K Thanks:thumbsup: I'm going to check the chat room but my mum took my wiimote off me(**** NOT AGAIN!!!)so I won't be able to organise a brawl or add anyone =(
    17. Pichu2k7
      Do I have an AiB? I don't understand but I thought it was a brawl clan since Gman says AiB or something and you said "AiB match finder =D" on brawl once so I think it's a brawl clan...and yeah I wasn't surprised there was a DC when PutZ joined.
    18. Pichu2k7
      I hate his play style AND personality! I remember that clan war that epically failed for AiB(again!)and when you guys kept losing connection PutZ was like "YOU ****ING N00BS STOP QUITTING!!!" and his play style sucks I mean I failed a spike of him and he U-air'd onto the ledge and let himself die also he was smash spamming last match, you might not of seen it but i'm the guy if you wanna notice a spammer!
    19. Pichu2k7
      Yeak well for me the FC noobs have re-appeared and there are even CoD friend code noobs! I'm looking more into tips for it and stuff but noooooooooo there is only a cursed Friend code thread
    20. Pichu2k7
      Sorry I had to leave early last night:frown2:I'll be on later at the weekends...and yeah i'm rusty aswell. and...OMFG THE FRIEND CODE NOOBS ARE RE-APPEARING!!! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!
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    Made by Shadow*91 thanks man I love it.
    Mains: Wolf, Marth
    Subs: Sonic, Snake, Diddy Kong, Pit, Toon Link.

    Famous Quote:
    "Your face looks like a dragon!"
    Theres a burn lol