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hybrid -x1
Sep 14, 2010
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Shooting Star Suimmit
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hybrid -x1

~graceful assassin~, from Shooting Star Suimmit

2019! Damn...hard to believe I joined this ***** up back in 2010 O_O;;; Jan 2, 2019

    1. danielh
      ima try a new powercord 4 my hhd. i no its only 25$ 2 fix a fried hhd but i dont care. if its not the powercord thn im done with ALL eletronics 4 ever. im live under a fukin rock where nothin can fukin **** with me...
    2. danielh
      OMFG, my HDD jst stopd workin 4 NO reason. nothin loos. i took it apart & everything look new. i was usin it, (it was on), i unpluged it, took it 2 friends house, hookd it up & NOTHIN... it wouldnt even come on. im tired of this crap. im done with wii, im done with everything. **** IT... im go live under a rock... LOL (and)))) :/ nightmares, hair fallin, hullsanations, constant badluck. wont ever stop till im done
    3. danielh
      whats ur mw3 code. i'll get mine right now
    4. danielh
      my save file is gone and everything. inless i can fix my old wii somehow. ima try 2...
    5. danielh
      DUDE... i jst relized allll my allys r gone now.... im hopin 2 find thm randomly while im playin. but did u ever become allys with milf clan
    6. danielh
      ooo, um. we gona hav 2 send eachother wii codes again cause i have new wii. i'll b on mw3 2night if u get on there i'll jst send u my number on there. ooooo, btw, i stoped smokin. been stoped 4 bout a week now and i havent had any withdraws yet. sooo, thts prety cool it was easy 4 me to stop this time. but thn agiin i been drinkn wayyyyy more thn usual. iv had a buz from alachol 4 bout a week stright now lol. iv been havn fun this week. lol. im not goina drink anything next week.
    7. danielh
      yo. im back online now lol i got new wii. i'll b on mw3 2night... ooo and btw lolololol. last night we got a hooker 2 come up to us with 4 dudes n the car, whn she walkd up my friend told her we all gona f### her and she said ok lol, thn i soked the heck outa her face with a huge water gun, lol it was sooo funny. we even rode back by her a few times to f### with her lolol. she was SOKED
    8. Splash_King
      Ain't got a clue... I don't even know how to look at my trophies in Red Dead. :lol:

      Haven't played on my friend's PS3 since I got Live working on my 360, either. And no, I don't care what achievements I have either. :P
    9. Splash_King
      The "what are you thinking about?" thread was accidentally deleted by Prinny. You probably lost those 30-or-so posts from that.

      ... Why are ya watchin' your post count so closely? >_>;
    10. danielh
      im drinkin and watchin robot chickin lol, im sooo bord. no wii right now
    11. danielh
      im bord, im at my friends 2night. prob not sleepin. AND i didnt even get to go the strip club 2night. this sucks.................. i was want'n a booty dance soooo bad lololol
    12. danielh
      PIAV ALWAYS AND FOR EVER... no matter how hard u try.
    13. danielh
      ok, didnt work lol
    14. danielh
      jst tryin something lolol= u no
    15. danielh
      cant say on here, i'll tell u on wii bout guy. btw we gotta re send eachother wii codes cause aaaaa lol i fried my wii, i was gonia get my fukin laptop fixed but im buyin another wii 2marro and hackin it 2marro, soooo. i'll b back soon btw piav will b my new clan namellll piav. jst guess what it means. its simple. its a very common saying
    16. Splash_King
      But yeah, I probably would do better with only a single team mate that doesn't suck. I've never managed to find a random who wants to go with just the two of us and then survives past wave 15, though...

      srsly. You're the only person to report somethin' in awhile. :lol:
    17. Splash_King
      I'd of thought that the player going for the coffin should go for it by throwing a bait, while the others dynamite the crowd once their numbers peak at the location. On the rare occasions there's enough team synergy (and intelligence) between the bloody randoms, early rounds end instantly and the later rounds are significantly quicker with this method... In my experience, anyways. Tossing a holy water to open the later waves via this strategy makes things even quicker. And so long as everyone rotates turns going for the coffin, nobody gets lower than 2 bait and 2 dynamite , so whenever we're in a bad pinch we won't be entirely ****ed (namely me getting cheaply downed by headshottin' retchers... I can't tell you how much this happens to me x_x).
    18. InSiiDiouS
      Thx, but I'm really just making a new wiichat account
    19. Splash_King
      Also, Hybrid mah boi, you're the only one that consistently reports post anymore... Well, actually, you're the only one who reports posts these days. And for that, you have my thanks. :D ALSO, lol that the now-IP banned scrub never got to diss Prinny.
    20. Splash_King
      Wave 53? ... ... ... What the ****??? How in god's name could you possibly manage that? ._. I ain't got a mic for coordinated effort, and all I play with are score-grubbin' sunovabitch randoms, therefore, I thought gettin' to Wave 40-something was incredibly impressive... I'm sure you blew my score of 300,000-somethin' out of the water too, 'specially since that was achieved with only two people. There goes my pride as a self-proclaimed godly Undead Overrun expert. :lol: Tell me your secrets, son. ;_;
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