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hybrid -x1
Sep 14, 2010
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Shooting Star Suimmit
Potential Cookie Monster

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hybrid -x1

~graceful assassin~, from Shooting Star Suimmit

2019! Damn...hard to believe I joined this ***** up back in 2010 O_O;;; Jan 2, 2019

    1. Splash_King
      We're both Red Dead'ers, and yet we've never spoke of it... MADNESS!

      What's the highest wave ya've gotten to in Undead Overrun? :lol:
    2. vza004
      Likewise. My favorite one was 2. Damn Mio and Mayu is just too cute!!
    3. Splash_King
      Muk has better stats than those fake plastic Magikarp everyone uses... ? NOWAIIMPOSSIBRU

      I pity heretic fools such as yourself, of whom cannot comprehend the true power of 'Karpdom... May your death by splash by merciful, quick, and painless.
    4. Splash_King
      So, Muk to you is as Karp to me, eh? I'm curious where the **** your love of the sludgy bastard is inspired from. :lol: Can't say I've ever known a Muk fan. Brawl Guru isn't just a title of fighting prowess, my friend. Knowledge, dedication, skill, and fortitude are what brought me the title. You'll have to kill me a thousand times over and then some if you even want a shot at stealing it from me. ;) Being a son of a ***** isn't something to be proud of. :P
    5. Mutt4Life
      well of course ivy is BOSS! i havnt played black/white, i havnt played any pokemon since i beat soulsilver which was like the month after the game came out, but my all time favorite game is Pokemon Colliseum for GC
    6. Splash_King
      More like a Quake Hammer... My 'Karp hammer destroys everyone and everything in one smash. ;) Though, I wasn't the mod that got 'em actually.

      ... You're kiddin', right? Do ya really have an entire team of Muk? :lol:
    7. Splash_King
      That pro sniper got sniped.

      ... By the ban hammer. :D
    8. Mutt4Life
      I agree Muk is kool. U know wat my favorite PKMN is....
    9. niki
      fc: 1635-8551-5073Niki.
    10. Mutt4Life
      thx for the Like bro
    11. HomieG
      No sorry i havent been on w@w in forever n sorry for the late response lol havent visited this site in ages
    12. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      Do you have a PS3? I just got that and MW3.
    13. danielh
      2day is sunday. its bout 10:30am. i'll b on all day 2day. ALL DAY. ooo & iv been on bo a lil, tht might b y u havent caught me on mw3. if i can get ur wii code, i'll tell u whn im gettin on
    14. danielh
      i no u added me. thts not the prob. i need to add U. i only go on internet on wii so i have limited options on what i can do. u sent me a vid of ur code tht i cant watch. just tell me ur wii code already so i can add it, i do not have it
    15. danielh
      4164-4079-9630 is mw3 code. i still dont hav urz. ur vid u sent me dont work on the wii... so i need ur code. and u r not n my address book. i gota add u again
    16. Trugunna
      did the wii lens cleaner work for black ops????
    17. danielh
      i made my fb & never went on it, i have no clue if if anybody hit me up on there. personally i think its stupid.. im sure u agree :P ( i was pissed the other day):/
    18. nayzia
      hey get on black ops
    19. r0th10n
      Sorry man. I haven't been able to do much lately. been suffering migraines, back and neck pain. I feel old :/
    20. r0th10n
      Thanks man. I need to check tonight if you appear registered on both games.
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