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hybrid -x1
Sep 14, 2010
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Shooting Star Suimmit
Potential Cookie Monster

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hybrid -x1

~graceful assassin~, from Shooting Star Suimmit

2019! Damn...hard to believe I joined this ***** up back in 2010 O_O;;; Jan 2, 2019

    1. r0th10n
      Rest assured, you are safe. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.
    2. r0th10n
      I added you in MKW & Brawl Add me:
      Mario Kart Wii: 0775-4288-4650
      Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 0860-3017-4218
    3. danielh
      yo. iv only been home that 1 day. lol, i'll b back home n a couple weeks XD. peace out mofo
    4. danielh
      yoo. i got some the day b4 we left ;P everybody did..... but im n Atlanta right now, we came over here 4 2 days. we stayed at holiday inn. lol housekeeper found weed n our room and told us if we smoked n there again thn they'd charge us 4 another night so we had to ride and smoke.. but at the caribbean resort at myrtle beach, (the house keeper said it smelled lik we was smokin that good stuff and they (all chicks) just fuked around with us talkin ****. they didnt care. there was 14 year old kids walkn down the strip n daylight rollin up out n the open. cops didnt care, it was anything goes 4 bike week, goin crazy with wit. we bought an ounce of purp from up there... there was 1 car on lik 34's sittin way up there, it was a caprice, they got pulled over and they werent alowed to drive it cause it was sittin 2 high,. I HAD SOO MUCH FUN. lol we comin back 2 the A n 2 weeks and we goin 2 North Carolina June 10. XD XD XD i'll b back home 2night around midnight or lik 2-3am er somethin.
    5. BradBoz
      Yes, Indeed I'm back.
      Eh... My wii is 3 years old... Been hacked for 2 years.
      Ever sense my SSBB disk wouldn't respond and New Super Mario Bros either, I decided to format. Which was foolish.
      The disks are perfectly fine... And I never played New Super Mario Bros for a year.
      Thank god if I didn't hack my wii.
      So many disk updates that failed, which now I can block.
      I'm getting a game tomorrow... What game should I get?
    6. danielh
      yeeaaaa. b****. im at the beach. drinkin and stuff, chicks erywhere
    7. danielh
      get on BO, add new member, there bout 2 get on.
    8. SD_joker
      got cod mwr
    9. Animex2011
      i play mvc3, i'll add u if u add me im Animex2011 but im also making a new mvc3 specific profile Rachel=Noelx2
    10. Animex2011
      hey wat do u play on psn?
    11. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      Not a bad idea. lol
    12. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      Yeah, I figured. lol
    13. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      Cool. I can't get it until the weekend.
    14. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      TWO DAYS! are you getting it on launch?
    15. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      I know!
      black ops will be collecting some serious dust.
    16. lazy jack
    17. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      I'm not really sure:wink:

      I think Shoot2kyll might be getting it.
    18. danielh
      its 6:30pm friday, i'll b on bo n a few.
    19. danielh
      WE NEED U. i did get ahold of naynay, she might b with us. soo, we HAVE 2 play our best. 2bad u cant play with more thn 10 people. id like 2 have 30 clan members all play at the same time on the same team XD
      ehh... not really. xD you?
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