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Sep 30, 2013 at 4:10 PM
Aug 2, 2013
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WiiChat Member, from Hoenn

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Sep 30, 2013
    1. Splash_King
      As I said previous, no worries bro.

      ... Truth be told, I would rather just breed a shiny 'Karp myself. Even if ya gave it to me for free, I wouldn't be all-that interested in it. I'm certainly a shiny collector, but very few of 'em are ones I've personally caught myself. I figure it'd be regretful if I didn't get my namesake Pokemon's shiny through my own work. As such, I can't say I'm interested in tradin' for it anymore, sorry to say.
    2. Splash_King
      No worries, bro. Can't ignore life when it comes callin'.

      One shiny ain't worth two... well, 'less it's an unbreedable shiny (legendaries), in which case it's worth at least three. Many might argue more than that. Now, I certainly do want a shiny 'Karp quite badly; enough to the point that I'm rather eager t' get to breedin' one myself. But demand of stock doesn't come int' my business transactions, be it from me or my fellow trader. Raw value for raw value. I really don't mean t' come off as rude, but if ya aren't interested in a fair trade, I'll have t' respectfully decline your offer.

      ... Unless you're interested in my chained shinnies, which is very much a bad deal for you since non-chainable shinnies like a 'Karp are worth a good deal more than ones chainable. Can't say I'm much for rippin' people off 'less they just-plain don't mind.
    3. Splash_King
      You've nothin' particular in mind?

      I offer the only thing that can match a shiny's worth: another shiny. :lol: Technically a Poke with utterly amazing everythin' (IVs, ability [particularly good DW ones], etc.) might be worth a shiny or two, but I'd never trade my breeding masterpieces of old. Not for a shiny, not for fifty.
    4. Splash_King
      You kittin' me? 'Course I'm interested in that shiny 'Karp. What do ya want for it? :shifty:
    5. Koshi
      Welcome to Wiichat! :thumbsup:
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