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Jul 13, 2009 at 11:40 PM
May 9, 2009
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KingKhaoz was last seen:
Jul 13, 2009
    1. gman286
      hey i hear your really good and i need friends so thought you would be someone to ask so my fc is:476954673554
    2. deadpool11
      i hear ur an amazing cod 5 player i would to play someone of ur abilities.
      i just dont want to play 1vs1 cuz i suck at them.
      my fc 317995424928
      i already added you
    3. johnny100
      what rank am i
      im lv 26
      prestige 7
      k/d rate is 1.31 but i share an account with my bro(he dont play much and he sucked)
      and how do i get bettr
    4. [HCC]LOve1
      what do u mean by game baatle and what are u talking about when u siad portal chat
    5. [HCC]LOve1
      alrighty then cool. umm not sure wat ur talking about when u said ur going to make me a captain. wt does that mean.
    6. -Boz- [UK]
      -Boz- [UK]
      Hey KingKhaoz, can you please PM me the link for the xW| site (on wii browser and haven't got it in my favs)


    7. [HCC]LOve1
      so what did u rank me within the clan?
    8. [HCC]LOve1
      hey sorry i keep messaging u, but can u give me the rest of the members fc and give them my fc as well. thxs
    9. [HCC]LOve1
      hey. when i ask u to join. just deny it. i'd rather u invite me. i get bored playing by myself. so yah.....
    10. johnny100
      ok i want 2 vs u
      im not as good as i used 2 be but im good
      i got conduit but hated it
      anyway want 2 vs anytime
      no rifle gernades
      u can host
      can we play cliffside
      its my favorite and i wont go under ether
    11. KingKhaoz
      hey can u access our clan chatbox? like if u have computer
    12. KingKhaoz
      omg ur gud..i couldve done better but i was under map lulz
    13. [HCC]LOve1
      w8 i want a rematch tho. this time, im using something special. is that okay?
    14. [HCC]LOve1
      well i understand. but wasnt i kickin major @$$. i still slaughter there asses, nub tube or not. lol alrighty then i'll be back in a little while, i just came back from wrestling practice so im a little sore.
    15. Snicker
      hey dude never got wat xW means i played with some u guy i toke down some ppl but u guys r good i played with spogebob roman and starfire i think
    16. [HCC]LOve1
      yah thts all i play too. y dont u except my invites. we can do some major damage.:mad2:
    17. [HCC]LOve1
      hey yo kaos, my friend from skewl wants to join the clan. is that alright?
    18. [HCC]LOve1
      that was fun. the only reason y u 1 was bcuz u doble tapped ur gun. (thats pretty nubish) lol
    19. [HCC]LOve1
      hey what level do u want to have our 1vs1 match?
    20. [HCC]LOve1
      alright i did. i play like all the time so see u then.
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    CoD W@W Expert
    Fc: 1247-3124-9623(Pm me)
    9th Prestiger
    Leader of xW