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Jul 18, 2012 at 10:02 PM
May 29, 2011
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New York

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WiiChat Member, from New York

KNOWN1 was last seen:
Jul 18, 2012
    1. MedinaMX
      Hey dude..how are you? im a level 56, and im looking for active people to join a clan..are u interested?
    2. Chino D
      Chino D
      What game consoles do you have?
    3. ufonaut
      Big baby
    4. Kira
      Hacker!? Hehe.
    5. Volcarona
      Known, this is urgent.
      The guys at OD wanted to move the war to today, so we're trying to get enough people. Can you make it at 4:00 EST?
    6. Kira
      Knowny??? wtf, hey, why did you quit the game? I was an army of 2 on black box
    7. ufonaut
      so you added me or what dude
    8. ufonaut
      you cannot destroy me! i laugh in your general direction
    9. ufonaut
      added you .i hope you can take being beat :)
    10. MethLepard
      Yo, I added a while ago, if you get a chance add me 1346 2972 8747 Maybe you are on my list already. Whats your screen name?
    11. TKING11
      Right on, you had me scratching my head there for a minute.
    12. Egozilla
      Don't worry on it. I'm having fun for the most part. I don't have the hang of heroes yet - sometimes I am deadly and other times I just suck. Then again, it's like that for almost every mode. heh.
    13. Egozilla
      I don't mind playing Heroes - so its cool if you want to do so. I will just quit if the other team refuses to spawn.
    14. Egozilla
      No problem. I got a bit pissed they weren't spawning Heroes. I finally quit 'cause my aiming was **** - like my system was always behind. But I would have quit anyway since those pricks were not spawning. That's why I prefer black box.
    15. TKING11
      umm...no idea what you're talking about. Yes i know both my profiles are 56? pointn me in the direction of what you're talking bout.
    16. Egozilla
      Well, my puter is not located at a place that is good for either. It's a PC not a laptop and its a good ten feet from where I play. I'll see about working something out in the next few weeks - assuming I have the time to do so.
    17. Egozilla
      Had fun with those games today. Seems like certain times I am better than other times during the day. As for Skype - I guess I could set it up but I've not bothered since I rebuilt my system.
    18. TKING11
      ummm.... can you come to RS website and we can chat privately on there. If this is about where I got my info from I am not saying...so yeah.
    19. TKING11
      I sent you a request. I am rarely on skype anymore since I sold my ipod. I can do it through my laptop obviously but my laptop has issues with being slow as hell.
    20. Egozilla
      Hey, I already suck at Heroes - and I am not fond of it because of those asshats who won't spawn. Just so you know, when it becomes clear they won't spawn Heroes I am not gonna stay in the game. I went over there in Jungle and killed their Hero right off and they stopped - I won't play with dickwads like that. Hell, I was hoping for a host quit and if I had been the host I would have.
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    New York
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    Goldeneye FC: 007125027383 (PM me if you're going to add me)
    Lvl 56