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Nov 6, 2012 at 4:14 PM
Nov 29, 2011
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University of Kansas
college student at the University of Kansas

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WiiChat Member, from University of Kansas

KUJHAWK was last seen:
Nov 6, 2012
    1. detox
      hi if u play BLOPS how long dose multiyplayer take 2 load :)
    2. detox
      hi if u play CoD MW reflex u should add me my fc is 3347-3025-4153 send me urs if u play cya later
    3. Element311
      Thats fair, glad to hear you're doing alright. I was quite bummed about the Kansas loss myself :( Things are well for me. started a new job and just doing stuff to make ends meet. things are kinda tough for me finding a job for my degree so I'm stuck doing restaurant/bartending for the time being. My break is coming soon Lord willing. what kind of revovations have you been doing to your home if you don't mind me asking. and I saw you guys had some nasty storms blow through your area. everything alright up in your area? we had some tornados (18 to be exact) blow throught he dallas area a couple weeks ago. kinda crazy. I woke up and was getting ready to go chill by the pool and walked outside to all the madness hahaha totally didn't work out my way :) hit me up soon and lets play. I haven't been playing goldeneye near as much so you'll definitely do some schooling on me. lets make it happen! yess?? :)
    4. bxym
      'Ello haven't heard from you in a little while
    5. Element311
      School must be kicking your butt this semester hmm? I saw you added me on black ops and I accepted it obviously lol how are things?
    6. Element311
      I just bought the classic controller about a week ago and I use that primarily for my second account. It's has its ups and downs. I don't like the preset configs, I want to make my own. :)And the stick movements are wicked difficult to nail. my accuracy sucks with it and the ads is kind of obnoxious at times trying to lock in on someone. virtually all the kills I get are by ads. So that's another downfall. Anyways, ill be sure and add you on the other one tonight. Hit me up next time you're on. Oh and as soon as I get a black ops account ill let you know.
    7. Element311
      yeah I know what you mean about the xbox controls, I play with the remote and nunchuk on goldeneye, but I just bought a classic controller so I'm trying to get used to that. I have black ops, I'm not that good at it, but if you wanna play on that one I'm down, even for zombie action =)
    8. edvolucion
      Wow you removed me from g eye
    9. Element311
      haha, thanks...I didn't think I was that annoying on conflict though haha. there have been quite a few times you've owned me on the game. you don't give yourself enough credit! you're sneaky! :)

      what other games do you play online? do you have MW3 or Black Ops?
    10. Element311
      I meant goldeneye modes, but sure I'm down for what else you play :)
    11. Element311
      I'm curious...what do you like to play?
    12. The_Man
      Play goldeneye?
    13. D34dM4N
      you're gettin better every time i play with you. are you picking up my guns when i get killed...u should...nice games btw...seems like yr scorin close to 300 each game, good job for yr level...
    14. Element311
      Sorry for bailing on ya. You gonna be on later?
    15. Element311
      nice playin with ya last night, hit me up if you ever wanna play again. I'll be on your team no problem.
    16. Element311
      I added you to my list. Though I won't be on for a couple days let me know if you wanna play sometime. My tag is SniperBait and I'm a level 56Goldeneye FC: 4397-0005-9590
    17. gpred
      i added u
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    University of Kansas
    college student at the University of Kansas
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    traveling, genetics, chemistry, skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, cooking,KU Sports, TCU Sports


    KU JHAWK: 2781-7425-8585

    Black Ops
    KU JHAWK: 5144-7310-5892
    Lauren: 1180-7169-2772