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lazy jack
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Jan 9, 2019 at 8:50 PM
Nov 23, 2009
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lazy jack

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It's weird being back. I just spent like three hours going through old messages and ****. Jan 9, 2019

lazy jack was last seen:
Jan 9, 2019
    1. Shoot2Kyll
      No, it sucks
    2. Shoot2Kyll
      Yeah, it's really hard at first, but gets to be pretty fun
    3. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      Hey bro just dropping in to say whats up Mr. freaking licensed driver lol
      Congrats..annnd prepare yourself for a bombardment of friends asking you for rides lolol
    4. Shoot2Kyll
      Same, I've started playing Combat arms a lot now
    5. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      Not much.......you?
    6. Shoot2Kyll
    7. Shoot2Kyll
      Oh wow, I didn't even read this and just decided to start playing. I was sucking because our sensor bar got moved when we got our new TV :/
    8. skidmarx
      yes i believe i went to one midnight mass once in my life and now that i remember all the candles it was awe inspiring. my religious views are still VERY SLANTED but glad to hear of these old traditions being kept alive. i watched a little of those old movies and am very glad to watch these relgious films from the 60's and 70's. anyway back to the same old i guess :D
    9. skidmarx
      i thought you would be a good fellow to talk about easter break. any big plans? i'm studying william blake and he had all sorts of religious opinions so i s'pose that actually counts as religious practice.
    10. Shoot2Kyll
      Oh you got it?
    11. Shoot2Kyll
      I might actually be getting it, my mom said she'll probably pick it up for me soon! It looks kickass!
    12. Shoot2Kyll
      I want to but probably won't
    13. Shoot2Kyll
      I'm gonna try to work on trickshoting and stuff because the game is getting kinda boring to me
    14. Shoot2Kyll
      Just aim a bit more to the left of them, it works almost everytime
    15. Shoot2Kyll
      Dude, I learned how to no scope on black ops!
    16. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      Yes I am though I wish I would of pre-ordered though! Now I'ma miss out on that gold armor DLC for your character which you get by pre ordering oh man boo!! T_T_T_T_T

      Those people who get it at midnight release are lucky! Dude I will give you my fc as soon as I get the game.
    17. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      I went back and re-played Conduit 1 story mode
      then I jumped on multiplayer and much to my surprise the match wasn't hacked and their wasn't any glitchers

      One thing that was the same is that EVERYONE wanted the explosive weps class <_<
      But w/e because Conduit2 IS ALMOST HEARRRRRRRRRRR
    18. Landon64
    19. Shoot2Kyll
      Sweet, did you wanna jump on now?
    20. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! I have not seen that video at all until you showed it to me! holy crap my mind is made up I will not be touching black ops wii anymore as soon as conduit 2 comes out!

      My god that sniper rifle the phase rifle looks SICK!!
      and you can eve shoot through ways and see enemies through walls WTF!?
      THIS IS so exciting man!!
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