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May 20, 2015 at 2:12 AM
May 23, 2011
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link10 was last seen:
May 20, 2015
    1. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      super hot over here
      burning and melting

      So do you watch basket ball now? or have you always watched it

      and I will be going to bed shortly
    2. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      It be winter over there

      I got a new laptop and still brawl
      Got better at CF too

      also its late over here
      I will be getting off soon
    3. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      so whatcha been doing
    4. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      You should stick around on the forums.
      We are currently making characters for an RP
    5. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Yeah man
      So whacha been doing
    6. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Thanks man
    7. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
    8. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      A long time
      I see it as he is making fun of people
    9. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Why exactly did Eric delete all of us?
    10. Splash_King

      I was implying that I'll never repair my PC by the fact I would never trade in games for ****in' books, bro. :P
    11. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Yep Ganon is still doing me good :biggrin5:
      BTW what is your email?
    12. Splash_King

      The day I waste a bloody penny on repairing this piece of junk is the day I trade in all my games for books. :lol: Once this thing gets a fraction worse from what it is now and no longer works, I'm ditchin' it.
    13. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Everything is good
      how about you?
      BTW do you have Erics email and stuff
      I see him on brawl but I think he deleted me
      And I started mastering Marth again
    14. Splash_King
      Hey dude, what's good? Sorry I didn't respond to ya. PC haivn' some bullshit troubles... Apparently I've been logged in for the past four days. ._.

      'Sides that, I've been good. Same ****, different day man. :lol: ... Especially the PC problems.
    15. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Nice to see you bro
      it's been ages :biggrin5:
    16. bxym
      Yeah Ive been all good
    17. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      vm me when your on
    18. bxym
      Wassup bro
    19. davidkooi
      omg ssbb freak no skyward sword! how is that even humanly possible to go with out zelda!
    20. MK388
      It's all cool man, don't worry cuz I've not been playing my WII either, after finishing Skyward Sword I didn't have plans on playing anything else. And yes Mr.MR, Skyward Sword kicks BUTT!!! Oh!!! and just in case, My bro got himself a PS3 with COD MW3, I get to play it too but I'm not a big fan of it though. My thing on the PS3 is Resident Evil 5 GOLD EDITION, it's also an online multiplayer, so you might wanna get it too, LOL ok, if we dont get to meet again, then take care bro, C YA' 'ROUND.
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