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Dec 23, 2017 at 12:02 AM
Mar 1, 2013
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Lycan was last seen:
Dec 23, 2017
    1. NoxLamina
      Cloister black...
    2. NoxLamina
      Don't particularly care...[IMG]
      Go with this font just for kicks...
    3. NoxLamina
      You don't know my name? I'm heartbroken...
      Yeah I guess, go with your gut instinct on what will look best...
    4. NoxLamina
      Imma be fussy and say sc2 nightmare... good link though.

      First link is better.
    5. NoxLamina
      It's fantastic! Where is it?
    6. NoxLamina
      A little over kill on the red... to bloody not enough "night sky-y".
    7. NoxLamina
      I dunno, Nightmare and Dark link together works if it's a sig just for me...
      Group wise, I'm not sure anyone has heard of fade, and he isn't even on here is he? Right now i'm more interested in a banner for the group really...
      I think an Inori/Saber+Kamina+Firo could work, all done in the style of this.

      Edit: My favourite color is Dark Red, roughly the color of ed's coat.
      Edit 2: Fixed saber link
    8. NoxLamina
      V is my oldest name, and my most well known... Meh, Nox works.
    9. NoxLamina
      I'm not sure what to do for the KOTUT (That's what they're called now), Firo, Kamina, and Inori could work for that...
      Wait when did Fade get into this? And Purple chibi link will work for me...
      This isn't really a formal request, it's kinda just brainstorming so far...
    10. NoxLamina
      I'm thinking Nightmare (SC2) and Dark Link, and not sure who silk'd want... for characters to show up in any of these pictures.
      I don't think it's necessary for squires or errants to have a special sig, I doubt trago'd take it anyway.
    11. NoxLamina
      Oh shi- didn't notice that...
      Nice, it's gonna be closer to three closely related banners. Trying to find some good ideas before I pitch anything at you...
    12. NoxLamina
      Sorry for the wait, got sidetracked.

      If you're offering...
    13. NoxLamina
      How flamboyant can you make it?
    14. Tragonight
    15. NoxLamina
      You can, I guess. And no character restrictions, Rivan plays samus more often than anyone else nowadays, and Silk is still an IC main.
    16. NoxLamina
      The group was founded by us due to our similarities, and I decided to take it online, although my first knightly order failed, I decided to recreat the one I already knew was a success. The group is open to people of all character choices, but we started it because we're link mains...kinda. However we've decided that each of us can only accept one charge, someone we vote to join, and is bound to us, in time we may accept more recruits but the max members at the moment is six. I was gonna ask you, but I also wanted to wait until Silk had sweet talked trago into being his subbordinate, and I'm waiting for Kat to take someone in too.
    17. NoxLamina
      Rivan Silk and I, we all believe in anarcho chivalry, at one point were competetive link mains, and I fanboy enough over Splash that I created a nock off trio in an attempt at gaining a fraction of the awesomness of the fishing gurus... but no srsly, We're just anarcho chivalrist pro links.
    18. NoxLamina
      I was going to do something, but I give up...
    19. NoxLamina
    20. NoxLamina
      My hardcore atheism forces me to give you a long, hard stare...
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