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Dec 23, 2017 at 12:02 AM
Mar 1, 2013
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Dec 23, 2017
    1. NoxLamina
      No, I'm improbable.
      Ninja white text, and it isn't rape if you like it...
    2. Tragonight
      Err, actually, Red Ike is taken. By Ninja. Sorry, guess you'll have to change the color. ;__;

      You can switch the files if you want. Or use two entirely separate SD cards, if you have two. I hack literally three or four different ways, but never at once.
    3. NoxLamina
    4. Tragonight
      Yes, actually. You can go back and forth whenever you feel like it. Load the Stage Builder / Homebrew Channel for Project M, don't for Brawl.

      I'll mark you down as Red Ike, is that alright?
    5. NoxLamina
    6. Tragonight

      BrawlVault won't give you that, now will it? :lol:
      It's a new addition to Project M coming soon. Ignore the "April Fools" thing, it's actually real on the site.

      You said your Role is Ike now? What color?
    7. Tragonight
      Are you sure? After all, Project M gives you a bunch of moveset hacks, where you can find nowhere else, along with the special textures they added too.


      Only 12 people are currently playing Project M. And only 3 of us are active...........

      Join the community! Project M is way better than Brawl and we 3 all recommend it for any and all Smashers alike.
    8. NoxLamina
      Theres ways around those rules...
    9. Tragonight
      Yeah, it's actually more similar to Melee than it is Brawl.
      Project M has texture hacks, music hacks, menu hacks, stage hacks, moveset hacks, and probably more that I forgot.

      It's great. The moveset hacks make you seem like you're playing a whole new (but way better) character, and it brings back the Melee gravity and stages.

      (I dislike the Melee ledges, as they're harder to grab onto than Brawl's. But then again, I haven't played Melee.)

      And that's basically it. The Project M crew messed around with hacks (they're professionals) and managed to create a new Smash game.
    10. Tragonight
      I know nothing of Brawl Minus. Tried to play it once, but it froze my Wii every time.

      That depends on which texture hacks you use. You can replace Project M's ones if you want. Just go into their files (after downloading) and replace them.
    11. Tragonight
      How and which hacks did you use?

      I recommend Project M.
    12. NoxLamina
      But still...
      Why didn't you ask me? I'm not at all jealous, it's just that... (Insert tsundere rant here)
    13. Tragonight
      I would brawl your Ike with mine but I'm no longer brawling...........

      Say, have you tried Project M yourself yet?
    14. NoxLamina
      You know what this world needs? More donkey kong mains... if you're looking for a power based character...
      But why are you training as an ike if you're going to go back to link?
    15. Tragonight

      Now you see his potential, don't you? :lol:
    16. NoxLamina
      His playing style makes it easy to convince yourself you're better then you are... in the end his general play style is simplistic, yet grants results. Ike players seem to think they do better with Ike then other characters, and assume that it's a character that is meant for them. You'll find that when you're fighting random people that you would beat regardless of character, playing as Ike will further increase the distance, however fighting someone who is legitimately more skilled then you, will also maximize the difference... in the end I just don't like Ike as a character, and I further dislike the people who main him... no offense Trago.
    17. Tragonight
      Why not? I'll let you rejoin if you want.

      (Late responses, playing Project M right now)
    18. NoxLamina
      ...I'm done trying to steer people away from Ike... it never works.
    19. Tragonight
      We have two members that haven't even posted at all.

      You don't need to be active to be a Paladin. Our most loyal members I have never seen on Basic Brawl.
    20. NoxLamina
      Why is it that you prefer Ike?
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