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Nov 7, 2010 at 8:37 PM
Jan 7, 2010
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maddog76 was last seen:
Nov 7, 2010
    1. goon:)
      do you want to be friends online and play games together?
      if so, brawl fc is: 2794-5332-7516 the name is qualls and im going to add you on wii system:7849-5508-6360-5463
    2. Gohan(*_^)
      yo add me up heres my fc 0026565603367
    3. ant666
      hit me up with your friend code. got black ops!!! i tried to msg u but your inbox is full.
    4. halo300o
      hey wats up with u u running with us or not ? i thought were gonna stay together no matter wat.........................
    5. halo300o
      it seems like ur avoiding me wen isk u if ur gonna get me bo lol
    6. halo300o
      wel that will be pretty ;ong if u dont buy me some black ops hey wen u do get black ops come on mwr and tell me how it is and just visit me will ya?
    7. halo300o
      would u reply me?
    8. halo300o
      oh btw did u set up the website yet?
    9. halo300o
      hey geton once and a whille woud ja? and can u get 2 copies of cod black ops and send it 2 me? i would REALLY apretiate it and wats ur online name u keep changen it
    10. halo300o
      november ninth hellyes son get 2 coupies and send me on ;) but in all seriousness my parents think i play too much so can u plz get 2 and send me one it WILL BE EPIC!!!!! ull b the best clan leader EVER if u say yes ill give my adress ina prvt message dont want no stalkers i already got 2 many of those lol happy killing
    11. DFOX4
      yes i will get black ops dude sorry im in NF* lol if you wonde why im lvl 27 no prestige its cuz PsP Gucci reset my account cuz i was playing with him and i was raping him bad! lol like 30 to 0... etc.. he just got mad and reset all my stuff all my guns my prestige score kills rank everything....
    12. halo300o
      hey i made 2 profiles its name is boundedfr3k ill get the fc but gimme urs again
    13. halo300o
      but wat u mean u dont want 2 take a chance?
    14. maddog76
      yeah i got it.i mite start 1 through wii chat 2 c how it comes out.we'll c what happens.
    15. halo300o
      wat do u mean u dont want 2 take a chance and try 2 get on cod more im ALWAYS on lol so yeah did u get my message about my friend doin a logo?
    16. DRUMMER99
      ok yeah ill try to get BLACK OPS and the headset its gonna be SICK!!!
    17. maddog76
      im letting every 1 know that clan [HeRO] is going 2 BLACK OPS so let me know if u want 2 join r clan.
    18. DRUMMER99
      Hey sup DudE Did yOu eVer TelL thAt GuY daRK HeRO tO aDd mE???
    19. ZeroAX1
      conduit fc: 3567-7704-5622
      MY cod mwr fc: 1756-0765-2167
      add me i have wii speak
    20. nick :)
      nick :)
      hey there im a mate of halo300o, he mentioned to me ur starting a clan, i just wondered if you have any free spaces for new members then let me know. cheers.
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