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Jun 10, 2011 at 2:18 PM
May 27, 2011
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Being Very Naughty With Others "[So PM Me if you

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Mφst WANT€D..., from USA

Mark.VCJ was last seen:
Jun 10, 2011
    1. jaceskyler
      how do i add a wii username to my wii
    2. Gorgeous
      nothing u?
    3. Mark.VCJ
      yea i wanna be friends so how old are you?
    4. Teresa0218
      Wanna be friends
    5. Teresa0218
      I am fine thats for asking!
    6. Kira
      Hey, I've read your post and replied it, also replied to your messages. Thanks for the post.
    7. Teresa0218
    8. Mark.VCJ
      i love drifting its way more fun =)
    9. livingflam
      I never crash xD only red/ spiny shells slow me down =P with that being said, shouldn't people who know how to drive take advantage of the tiny amount of extra speed the faster bikes provide? I mean true using a slower bike narrows the playing field but I sort of enjoy being miles ahead =/ I mean if there was another bike with less speed that could corner like the mach bike I would use it...
    10. kvnmz
      ok cool.
    11. Mark.VCJ
      sounds good
    12. kvnmz
      ill be on mkw tomorrow if u want to play.
      i'll be on around 4 or 5 pm.
    13. kvnmz
      that makes more sense now
      I'll be on if u want to play
    14. Mark.VCJ
      when i mean by normal i mean the Speed bar is in the middle, as in its not slow & not super fast, the speed is in the middle area = Normal get it thats type bike i use. Normal car/bikes take skill cuz u have to think & drive good where super faster car/bikes u can crash all day & still win easy cuz the super speed makes up for it. while normal car/bikes you cant efford to get hit alot/crash alot or ull lose badly witch proves to take alot skill =) i like real challenge ppl that use the fastest car/bikes are just bunch players that suck bad at racing & crash alot they need the super speed to make it up. u see my point why speed ant the key cuz newbs can win with super car/bikes. they basicly for handycap players that suck at racing games. no skill use them.
    15. kvnmz
      BTW do want to play mkw right now?
    16. kvnmz
      by normal do you mean
      standard kart and bike
    17. Mark.VCJ
      i dont like racing in games with 6ppl-, i play in rooms that are 7ppl-12ppl. also yea i have great 7,400vr rating with a NORMAL stat car/bike im not loser newb like rest ppl that ALL have use the Super car/bike to win, they think there good but they just newbs anyone can with win super car/bike. the real skillin racing is ppl like that ma that can win with a Normal stat car/bike THAT Driving SKILL. u should do the same & put away the super car/bike & learn to race with skill & use normal stat car/bike. where the speed bar is in middle NOT all way full like newbs super car/bike where speed is prity much caped, also normal speed car/bikes get bonus by haveing high OFFROAD =)
    18. livingflam
      hey dude great games. Your really good =)
    19. livingflam
      wow.. I beat three people with over 9k rating... and a guest =P good games btw =D great racing with someone I know
    20. livingflam
      awww you left =/
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    Being Very Naughty With Others "[So PM Me if you
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    "People That Have To Cheat/Hack/Modd at Online VideoGames is cuz They Have No Skill at Online Games."