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Nov 15, 2012 at 7:21 AM
Feb 25, 2011
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Sayre, PA
Swimming pool builder

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Meth Lepard GEFC 1346 297, from Sayre, PA

MethLepard was last seen:
Nov 15, 2012
    1. scout00721
      hi, i was wondering if u could tell me if ur in any clan currently? if ur not, inbox or visitor message me. thx :)
    2. trollface
      For MT I have a sniper rifle on almost all loadouts its awesome on almost all the maps. Esp when the hero spawns across the map in an open spot. You like the Anova? Im getting pretty good with it and I just found out its killer with the lazer and extended magazine. For some reason ADS snap doesnt work too well with the Anova. Either that or somethings wrong with my Wii-mote...
    3. trollface
      No problems. Haha well if I ever leave its usually because I get pissed and quit. Heroes seriously pisses me off a lot. Definitely like playing with you gives me incentives to keep going and Ill try not to quit so much...

      Also I have been leaving my wii connected a lot. Well actually when I get POed I just quit and forget to turn it off... So sorry if youve been sending me invites.
    4. MethLepard
      Good Games last night. Yeah multitask is really cool. Its nice to switch from thermal toros to avona instead of a pistol. I'll send an invite when I see you on again and I have enough time to play.
    5. trollface
      Hey Buddy just hit 43 & Multitask is awesome! Played Heroes straight from 42-43 That **** is tough and frustrating as hell! Hahha I get so pissed off when I keep getting hit by the same guy over and over and over...

      Hit me up with an invite next time were both on for some Heroes! Im addicted
    6. trollface
      Holy **** I watched that doc a while ago. ****ed up ****ing ****. I coudnt believe the lobbyists. Happening here in CO too The county to the east now features flaming tap water. What a world...
    7. trollface
      Just got the Anova and its freaking awesome! I have only played a few matches but it is by far the most powerful weapon at this point. Just imagine a suped up Vargen with a 30 rnd magazine. I think once I get the hang of it its going to be good. Always takes me a bit of practice with each new gun...
    8. trollface
      I think Im about 10,000 away... Knowing my luck its going to be a long 10,000... Seems like whenever Im close to hitting something good the longer it takes. Hopefully I can finish it out over the weekend and maybe get some work done this week lol
    9. trollface
      BTW what is your new profile pic? I like it.
    10. trollface
      Ive picked it up many times and Im always impressed at the rate of fire and quick kills. It better be freaking awesome :yesnod:
    11. trollface
      Damn Bud we always get stuck in the shitiest matches possible. On the flip side were both pretty close to getting the Anova woooot that gun better be worth all this ****.
    12. saamy
      Hi,do u hav Goldeneye???
    13. UNKNOWN1
      we gotta party more dude, sorry i havent invite you lately, its because i have been playing with my clan members
    14. UNKNOWN1
      ok cool dude, good luck with work!
    15. UNKNOWN1
    16. DeathShot
      Hey, i just added u to goldeneye, here's mine 449996749108, see ya
    17. tweety98
      hey wanna be goldeneye friend here my code 424349457271 whats yours
    18. HOOT
      Hi mate when you're playing GE jump in this chatroom and see if anyone else is there. It's a great way to chat realtime with other Wiichat peeps
    19. HOOT
      perfectly reasonable mate. To be perfectly honest after I did it the whole GE experience has changed. I feel dirty! I have only cheated myself. I will always have the knowledge that I cheated and I wont fully accept level 56 until im at least 1.5mil I probably got an extra 80,000 or so. (thought i could get away with it). I havent used the thermal scope or talon yet and have wrestled with the idea of starting again from scratch. Advice, obviously, DONT DO IT
    20. HOOT
      fair enough...
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    Sayre, PA
    Swimming pool builder
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    Meth Lepard 134629728747
    The last and only fps game I played was the original Goldeneye


    Want to kill me? Golden Eye FC 1346 2972 8747 don't worry I'm not a meth addict.