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Mr. MR
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Sep 21, 2020 at 3:42 PM
Jun 11, 2011
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Mr. MR

Shantae 4 Smash!!!, from シオンタウン

Mr. MR was last seen:
Sep 21, 2020
    1. Tragonight
      Sounds a bit 8-bit...

      Wait, you're still online?
    2. Tragonight
      Not to my extent, though. I literally limit the series to a couple stages, and will stop myself from putting something like Pokemon on Battlefield or FD.

      Do you have any more Punch-Out songs? Remixes, anything? Or was that your only one? I already downloaded the Smash 4 remix but it's pretty hard to find a spot for them. Maybe a more dedicated remix would be more suited for some stages.
    3. Tragonight
      Like what? All Fire Emblem songs I have are on Castle Siege.

      I tend to do stuff like that, putting all of the Pokemon songs on the Pokemon Stadiums, it's why I choose PS2 so much...

      By the way, do you have any more Punch-Out songs? Remixes, anything? Or was that your only one? I already downloaded the Smash 4 remix but it's pretty hard to find a spot for them. Maybe a more dedicated remix would be more suited for some stages.
    4. Tragonight
      I don't like any songs that sound more 8-bit than this. Which is to say, 8-bit at all. :lol:

      Street Fighter fits Battlefield a little. Better than some of the Apex themes, anywho.

      I like Battlefield's original look. Stage textures risk de-syncing and all, which I do not want.
      I have a Monster Hunter song that fits Battlefield quite well. And I haven't even played MH3 aside from the demo.
    5. Tragonight
      I recognize the first one because I've heard that exact theme, probably on Four Swords somewhere. Too old.

      I have the first one on Final Destination already. Fits better there than on Battlefield.
      The rest don't really fit Battlefield except the last one, but it's not good enough (sorry if I'm asking too much).
    6. Tragonight
      I like the first one, Gerudo Valley is one of my favorite Zelda songs despite never playing the game it's introduced in.
      However, it doesn't go well with Battlefield. :/ I'd put it on something like Hyrule Castle if people chose that stage.

      I've heard the original of (the beginning of) that first song (I believe), but that's too bit-ish for me.
      Metroid music has always creeped the hell out of me. o.o Doesn't fit Smashing on most stages, either.
      too old and way too 8-bit, plus i have more modern pokemon songs that i like already

      CS Guitar makes everything sound legit guitar-like.
      It's not necessarily bad, I mean I like some of them, but I don't want to go full-metal (guitar) on my Wii.

      also edit?
    7. Tragonight
      Not really. Just nothing obvious like Pokemon, Mario, Fire Emblem, etc.

      Isn't the first one from P:M's Turbo Samus?
      Alright, I know that one was from the video. I'm fine with that, but I already have it on CS. I doubt there are any other songs that can sound so epic while being a bit 8-bit. Besides, I have a huge bias for anything Fire Emblem-related anyway.

      I don't want hard rock, if that makes any sense. Something like this. I want to be able to hear the actual original tune over it.

      EDIT: Now that I think about it, I'm starting to like the Punch-Out theme. Not for Battlefield, though. Got any more remixes of that?
    8. Tragonight
      I don't have any taste in music so I don't really know what those are...

      Uh, a bit Rock, I suppose. Anything that's not 8-bit-ish, I'm willing to listen to.
      If I could preview listen to some of them before downloading, that'd be fine too. I'd prefer doing that, actually.
    9. Tragonight
      Could you also donate a Battlefield theme for me? One of mine doesn't really fit Battlefield's fast pace.
    10. Tragonight
      What do you mean, one song instead of all of them? M08 is the entire game's soundtrack?
    11. Tragonight
      Took out the pause in the beginning.
    12. Tragonight
    13. Splash_King
      Even if it does, I'll still give LotR a chance.
    14. Splash_King
      Nah, I'll take the hipster route on this one.

      Am aware. Assumin' I like the two currently out, it'l give me a movie t' look forward too. Grand change'a pace that'd be lol.
    15. Splash_King
      Ya already know how anal I am 'bout a certain SRPG prequel, so the Hobbit it is. Many thanks.
    16. Splash_King
      Oh right, completely forgot.

      On a completely unrelated note, should I watch LotR first as nature intended, or the Hobbit?
    17. Tragonight
      Thanks. However...

      What is M02?
      Is M05 from Megaman?
      Why is there a pause in the beginning of M06?
      Is M07 from Megaman, too?
      What is M08? And can you make it loop faster?
    18. Splash_King
      I sincerely hope that was the case.
    19. Splash_King
      Really? I thought this is the worst it's been, bar someone on either player's side also usin' the internet for things.
    20. Splash_King

      I fear this won't be the last we see of that horrific lag. As ya've probably noticed, this lag ain't the same as it used to be: we've recently needed t' change internet providers. =/
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