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Jul 1, 2010 at 1:26 AM
May 15, 2006
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Cardiff, Wales

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WiiChat Member, from Cardiff, Wales

Napalmbrain was last seen:
Jul 1, 2010
    1. farts
      i will never forget you
    2. Gsr}Co2
    3. DBloke
      So I take it for some reason you don't like it ere any more?
      I thought we where ....................... friends.(In a internet sense) ok maybe the internet meaning of friendship is a bit perverted thanks to sites like Facebook (SHOCK im now a user)
    4. DBloke
      By eck!
      Hes online lol
    5. DBloke
      So in the end. I remain here till the end.
      Tell ninstations owner I said hi (But with a wave consisting of one finger)
      (Id do it my self but for some reason im banned as a guest
    6. Rage
      This place needs designers, leaders for the art section. Check out my work in the Hall of rage thread. I posted in the showcase place. I could help people improve and help with any art necesity this site needs.
    7. DG~X
      Could you ban me..please. Im serious and dont ask why because i wont be here ever. I just dont want to even be tempted to come back. Ban me Napalmbrain, put me out of my misery..pull the trigger and make it a prema-ban...this isnt a joke. Do it or ill be forced to spam and then just ban me that way..i really dont want to get banned that way though..:(
    8. Shadow*91
      could you move the 'Chatroom' thread in the Nintendo Wii Chat section to either the Lounge or White Noise sections? thanks in advance.
    9. Battousai
    10. Fox
      ****ing spectacular now! Just got my mile high club cheev in CoD4/nerd
      Excellent actually, life is good atm. Glad to hear you finally found a job. GL, mate.
    11. Fox
      Hello Napalm. How you been? Long time no chat.
    12. Shadowking
      At least you get snow...it has never snowed a single flake where I live =[
    13. Shadowking
      Ha thanks for getting rid of that spam. I was about to report it and it was like "Invalid thread specified." You're on the ball!

      Haha anyways, how are you?
    14. Espmaster_
      Hey, do you mind telling me what over Moderators besides you are still on here?
    15. Muny
      hey, can you check and see if the thread "daily greetings" in the ssbb section is breaking any rules? ck said it kinda was, but it's very useful...if it's in the wrong spot, can you just move it and not delete it?
    16. Muny
      Correction : Dankprinny
    17. Muny
      hate so sound bitchy, but PLZ do something about that dankprimey guy...hes spammimng really long messages.
    18. Shadow*91
      THANK YOU!
      finally he's gone. THANK YOU!
    19. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      his name is $hyestguy, but hell, just look on each thread, he's not hard to miss :lol:
    20. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      xDD, that shyest guy is back, :lol: i can't stop laughing, i swear, I'm going to bust xD, he just says random crap in everthing, but it's freakin' hilarious! xD, you mods never get a break :lol: all ready the new year too :lol:
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    Cardiff, Wales



    I never add friend codes.