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Dec 19, 2011 at 12:09 AM
Jun 25, 2010
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WiiChat Member, from georgia

nayzia was last seen:
Dec 19, 2011
    1. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      Hey nay you''re well missed here. I had no idea you told daniel aka partyguy that you weren't ever going to be playing Wii anymore.
      Why? What happened? It's kinda sad knowing all this considering the three of us started out playing World at War Wii since mid 2009 and went through all Wii CODS even up to Mw3 Wii.

      Did you upgrade to ps3 or 360? If you did add me on ps3 cause I do play mine time to time and I don't touch my 360.
      I hope you get on soon and reply back (even though the last time you got on was december 2011) ~sigh~
    2. nayzia
      @hybrid yea i got mw3
    3. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      Nay I got mw3 if you got it add me and **** :D
    4. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      Yo whats up nay? ;DD I'm making an epic bad ass mother ****ing return to black ops Wii.
      Hope to you see and partyguySPAMMER n tharr LOl

      Annnyway peace out for now~ ^___^
    5. nayzia
      @daniel ikr
    6. danielh
      i dont lik the new way wiichat is.. i liked the old way. it was easer. now, ima hav 2 figure it all out again.
    7. sloperchef
      i have cod world at war and i would like very much to play some one mono es mono. my fc is:0561-7945-6895. do u hate the atack dogs? i sure do. wish i had a kitty i could let go and ocupie them whith .lol and the flame thrower thingy that anoys me to. cant wait till i get the fire proof thingy unlocked. well i hope we can play some time. ty.
    8. nayzia
    9. danielh
      lol, u movin closer 2 the wifi signal, that b funny if that was the only reason yall movin.
    10. danielh
      i'll b on bo n a few, its 6:30pm friday
    11. danielh
      lol, i told over 30 GM people 2 get on friday , so im hopin at least 10 shoe up, we need a leader 4 every 5 people so we can have seperete teams of GM people & try 2 run into eachother on an online match, that would b soooo fun. im makin sure were even tho, good people and new people on the same team 2 even it out, we might not dominate but we will win.
    12. danielh
      im at [GM]3li's house, he has a poor server & cant b on game & also on computer & there watchin TV on the internet.
    13. danielh
      im noy goina b able 2 get home intill after 10pm, but im gettin on 4 a couple hours once i get home
    14. danielh
    15. nayzia
      @goon black ops
    16. goon:)
      do you have black ops or smash brother brawl
    17. nayzia
      hybrid 2nite
    18. nayzia
      @hybrid..ik u da one i was playin with..i have u on bo..we gunna play all night
    19. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      yo nay nay i was playing with you on nuketown private match like two day ago

      i was the one who had like 148 kills
      i sent you a request but i dont know if you accepted or not
    20. nayzia
      lols dat pic was like last year lols..thnxz 4 saYN im cute
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