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Sep 26, 2010 at 5:20 PM
Aug 29, 2010
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WiiChat Member, from Atlanta

pPenguin was last seen:
Sep 26, 2010
    1. a Russian
      a Russian
      I have sent an e-mail to everyone on the team of the updated roster with you included. It will be up to them to make sure they have everyone. If you see that there is a member still pending, then send them a message on our website.
    2. pPenguin
    3. a Russian
      a Russian
      Also, go back to the website to complete your profile.
    4. a Russian
      a Russian
      Alright, you are now approved. Add all members on the roster. I will be sending an update tomorrow to all members. Central time zone members are having a joint battle on public matches.
    5. a Russian
      a Russian
      Vapor and I have been discussing about the applications. We suggest that you re-apply just with your e-mail address or re-register, but we think there may be a technical with FreeWebs.com
    6. a Russian
      a Russian
      Hey, since you are online, how about we just chat here?
    7. RPCriminal
      A bro my fc is 3233 7701 1370 add me but this is the sucky part I only play Saturday so I'll add u then I only play that day cuz I don't have a wii:( but my bro has one and he only comes Saturday :(
    8. pPenguin
      ya i got modern warfare reflex . if you've sent me a request (this goes to anyone) i'll add you wen i can as i have football and school. i'll add anyone who sends me a request in the morning time or evening (-4:00 GMT)
      fc: 4497 0503 5704
    9. MWR
      My MWR FC is: 2042 9236 5649
    10. RPCriminal
      A man go to rpcw.webs.com u won't regret it I have gotten lots of ppl from here to the clan we have 23 members my name is RP_BONEZ
    11. RPCriminal
      A do u have mwr
    12. CODdrummer
      Hey, if you're looking for a clan, apply at rusreflexhq.webs.com . We're recruiting!
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