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Jul 26, 2011 at 5:29 PM
Jun 13, 2011
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Puerto Rico

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WiiChat Member, from Puerto Rico

r0th10n was last seen:
Jul 26, 2011
    1. Chrisie
      If I added you on MKW or just on the Wii itself my mom had friends over and the little kids were on my Wii and somehow erased everything. All my friends are gone and my codes also changed too. I just wanted to let you guys know I've already added you again and if you still wanna add me here are my new codes: Mario Kart Wii Friend Code: 2408-8766-5038 & Wii Friend Code: 8217-1009-7690-0775. If not then you can just erase this message. Bye! ^_^
    2. ImagicxOwn
      I will play whit you i see you`re code en i follow yu oke tha we can play online super smash bros brawl oke en then we can see we wine:wiiconsole:
    3. alecas11
      i addedyou in MKW, add me
      MKW FC: 1120-2800-9926:blackwii:
    4. hicks31
      I'm not active on this site anymore, and I don't brawl or race as often, so yeah...
    5. JOSEPH mkw
      JOSEPH mkw
      Full Rostor. But Thanks For Asking!
    6. BradBoz
    7. Yoshi62100
      Added u back on MKW mine is 3695-4110-1209
    8. grow500
      i gotta send u my new code ill do that later today
    9. BradBoz
    10. BradBoz
    11. DarkluvsU
    12. Rubban
      Thanks ill add you too hope to brawl with you soon
    13. Chrisie
      Thanks so much! :) And I'll be sure to add you when I come back. :D
    14. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      Yo dude lets game sometime tonight
      me and the girlfriend will be split screening on MKW hell yeah!

      So if your up to it let me know oh and I'm Pacific time so you know
    15. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      Ok i just re added you to my friends roster on both games just in case I input your fc's
      wrong. Hope to game soon dude.
    16. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      Hey man lets play mkw some time today xD
      and you still appear as a ? mark on my friends lists on both brawl and mkw...

      Add me again please and get on some time tonight
    17. Tj17
      hey looking for friends to brawl with : 4985 6369 7558
    18. livingflam
      I added you back a while ago but your not showing up
    19. Geeky_Gir
      ok ill add you asap
    20. triniboy
      join on my website! if ur lookin for a good RACE! Then join it now! tournament will be held VERY soon! http://mkw-rk.webs.com you can chat live with each other on the site! if ur a Mario Kart fan looking for competition join the site! Thanks
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    Puerto Rico
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    Friend Codes:
    Mario Kart Wii: 0775-4288-4650
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 0860-3017-4218
    Animal Crossing City Folk: