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Oct 25, 2010 at 3:49 AM
Jul 16, 2007
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Super Geek, from California

Shadowking was last seen:
Oct 25, 2010
    1. soccerboy2
      hey buddy why dont u switch to ps3 so we can 1v1 on MDW2.
    2. spyro king
      spyro king
      not much just got disgaea 3
    3. spyro king
      spyro king
      hey man long time no see.
      how you been?
    4. Ajz48
      u even play wii
    5. Ajz48
      u play mwr
    6. soccerboy2
      ur mom or sister dont count. i bet u dont go 2 ur classes and u are prob. a rich *****
    7. soccerboy2
      u cant call us on modern warfare reflex no lives when u have over thousand posts, ur a nerd. just look at whts under ur name. i bet ur 40, havent got laid and live wit ur mom and dad..
    8. spyro king
    9. spyro king
      spyro king
      been playin mugen and fallout 1
    10. spyro king
      spyro king
      hey s.s or shouid i say shadowking whats up?
    11. Jessicaa
      i just added you on the wii:) i havent been online for long and im trying to gather some friends :L i am aloso off school ill today(N) so i need something to do:L please accept?:D mine is: 8826-6890-7416-8407 xx
    12. DG~X
      Nice name change. Maybe now you wont have trouble getting to your profile.:)
    13. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      xDD, so much freakin' love! :lol: and awesome name change :thumbsup:
    14. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      Yup, i rip them, and design my own. :D but, i've been lazy during the long days and just borrowed my buddy's texture hacks. :D but, it'll be fun to do that again. :D Went to belguim (dont know if i spelled it right, but it's in germany) and follow some of team twiizers work. Cant wait for the next meet, ill have my very own program made! :D so much.. excitment.. and for no pay... XD
    15. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      Oh, I see what you mean. Haha
    16. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      Hahaha, I don't mean an STD! XD I felt sick of thinking about sex after it was over. =P I wish it was longer, but I lost that 'excited' feeling after 20 minutes x_x
    17. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      Felt weird, and strangly, it was really fast. I'd imagine an hour or so, but lasted for 20 or so minutes. (the first 5 minutes being the most engaging lol) after that, felt sick all that night.
    18. Splash_King
      The dreaded 8 hour+ shifts... All-too familiar to me. I'm not dealing with long days like that at the moment, though. This reprieve will hopefully last a few more months, mainly until I get a better paying job.

      Speaking of which, as I cryptically mentioned earlier, I've been off since Thursday this week. Be back at it Tuesday; for once I'll have a Monday off from both work and school. I couldn't ask for more, really. :lol: Huzzah for extra days off.
    19. Splash_King
      True enough. Unless he's a dedicated spammer with multiple proxies, there's not much to worry about.

      I'm good. Having a few extra days on top of the weekend off has me in good spirits. This wasn't the case a year ago, but I can never have enough free time these days. :lol:

    20. Splash_King
      Hey, S.S. I see you've met our once-resident spammer of the Brawl and pokemon forums... Just a small warning, friend to friend; he almost shut down the entire forum half a year ago, with his now-banned account (he's on a dupe, right now). He's a topic killer with all his off-topic spam and flamming, really. Killed off an entire forum I used to Moderate, too.

      Point being, try not to get mixed up with that moronic child. You'll be happier that way, trust me. :lol:
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