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Oct 25, 2010 at 3:49 AM
Jul 16, 2007
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Super Geek, from California

Shadowking was last seen:
Oct 25, 2010
    1. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      Haha! I wish I was smart, but sadly.. But, she felt sorry for me, and then we just did it.. It was freakin weird, and the condoms hurt like hell!! Haha
    2. spyro king
      spyro king
      no u did not
    3. spyro king
      spyro king
      your forgetting left 4 dead
    4. spyro king
      spyro king
      ok then i will any good games on it?
    5. spyro king
      spyro king
      ok then maybe ill get it but 4 halo only but it may take some time before i get one
      whats natal?
    6. spyro king
      spyro king
      dude should i get a 360?
    7. Axtlar
      Oh, yeah, what did I miss, man? lol :}
    8. Napalmbrain
      At the moment? Cold and annoyed. I have to take the day off work today due to all the snow.
    9. spyro king
    10. ssbb_lover
      Ah, I'm 3 hours ahead then. ;P GMT -8 or so? Good to know. Ugggh. Guess I'm off.. smell ya later, pal. Have a good one. <3
    11. ssbb_lover
      Yeppers, iTunes can surprise you with some pretty amazing things. Why is always so late when we talk.. ?
    12. ssbb_lover
      Eh, should be doing things that I'm not. Can't be arsed with the repercussions atm.. I'll deal with that tomorrow. Quite bored as well. /: How is the stomach virus?
    13. ssbb_lover
      Haha, hey dude. I'm here. What's up?
    14. spyro king
    15. DG~X
      Ah, so thats your most resent pic im guessing. I wear contacts, glasses got annoying in MMA.
    16. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      Actually... In some sense, you're right :( I mean, damn.. I have the right place.. But I don't freakin' know anymore.. I'm really into somebody for the first while, hell, I'll cry for them or anything, but then later on, it's like I don't care anymore.. Truth to God, I don't know what I feel with girls. I care for them so bad one day, but the next day, I just.. Can't. :(
    17. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      well.. I guess I'm a sucker for a lot of girls these days.. I decided to take a relationship with this Stephanie girl, who... Isn't a gamer chick... Or anything.. It's hard not being my full self, but in some way, I kind of like it, because of some personal reasoning. :lol:
    18. Phoenix Wright
    19. ssbb_lover
      Of course, that's what the button is there for. We wouldn't be able to catch them all otherwise.

      Oi, it's about time for bed again. Dead tired. Feel better once again and get some good rest.. that's certainly one of the best medicines you'll be able to take. Good night!
    20. ssbb_lover
      Sorry man, hope you recover quickly. Being sick is never good with school and jobs constantly knocking at your doorstep..

      And I'm doing all I can to keep things in order. I've deleted a shat load of threads/posts, banned many accounts, etc. I've made a request to the admins for about 6 IP bans, that's the best I can do for now. /: This forum's been a real pain today.
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