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Oct 25, 2010 at 3:49 AM
Jul 16, 2007
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Super Geek, from California

Shadowking was last seen:
Oct 25, 2010
    1. ssbb_lover
      Hey bud. Sounds like you had a rough time today, how are you feeling?
    2. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      :lol: maybe get a one night stand out of her.. J/k lol, I'm sure ash will come around, but she never called me womanizer before lol, chance are it was a rumor like you said lol
    3. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      she's a good girl, i just hate the age-based thing these days lol, but no problem, I always loved talking to her, but she frequently drove me up the wall too :lol: i need a gamer chick, the one im talking to on the phone is okay, but... she's more into the wanna be gangsterr thing :lol: Its very different, that's for sure. :lol:
    4. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      that's what my friends, and now you, are telling me :lol: which, in a way, is true.. i'm talking to this one girl, but she isn't a gamer chick lol but she seems nice, but i still miss ashlee in some way. I hope she at least wants to be friends again once this blows over :( lol
    5. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      ashlee is mad at me since tuesday. she just randomly came up to me and called me a womanizer and broke up with me at the start. she's still mad and wont listen to me or anything, and it's starting to settle in, but it's hard.
    6. spyro king
      spyro king
      playin ps3
    7. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      Ello govna! :lol: did you get your profile fixed?
    8. spyro king
      spyro king
      whatsz up?
    9. spyro king
    10. AndThen?
      Hehe. Thanks :)
    11. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      XS lol!! I did, then 'accidentally' wandered off to Taylor :lol:
    12. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      XD thinking of Taylor Swift xD
    13. AndThen?
      Pretty damn well, haha. I ended up getting a perfect score.
    14. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      XD ello thar! Lol
    15. Foxy
      Because it's Bomberman act zero, it's worth like negative 5 bucks, they should pay you for taking it
    16. Foxy
      But it's bomber man freaking zero! Like the worst of the worst:lol:

      I'll let you off this one time. But if I see anything else that bad on that sig of yours you'll be banned fo' evaaahhhh
    17. AndThen?
      Haha, thanks! I guess I'll find out tomorrow morning. :\
    18. AndThen?
      Well the diploma that I did required three subjects at a standard level (I did English, French and Chemistry) and three subjects at a higher level (Maths, Physics and Geography).

      The maths and physics classes I were taking were the hardest classes my school offers, and the classes both had only six people in them lol. So yeah, I'm not going to lie, those classes were ****ing difficult and I'm a little worried about how I did in them. I should be fine, though.
    19. AndThen?
      Haha, thanks, I hope so!
    20. AndThen?
      Haha, yes, I remember you... and the pikacheese phenomenon. Oh boy.

      I'm okay, I finished school a few months ago, and I get my results tomorrow... so yeah, a little anxious! But I'll be okay.
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