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Oct 25, 2010 at 3:49 AM
Jul 16, 2007
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Super Geek, from California

Shadowking was last seen:
Oct 25, 2010
    1. ssbb_lover
      Hahaha, flashy site! I'll have to check it out later.

      And that's simply awful. As I'm about a month away from my girlfriend and I's one year.. I can imagine exactly that sort of pain. It's giving me all kinds of horrible thoughts just toying with the idea. I truly do sympathize with you if it means anything, I can't think of anything that could devastate my life more, personally. Unfortunately, as I write this I'm falling subject to a headache and sleep as I just returned from a 7 hour car ride a few hours ago.. I guess I'll see you around the forums and goodnight. (:
    2. ssbb_lover
      Firstly, Kohl's ftw. The cars sound really cool.. do you know what a Hobby Town USA is? Sounds like one of those, a bit.

      Very sorry about the girl problem, that makes me sick to my stomach. It's one thing to say, "I'm not interested anymore, goodbye," but to have to discover it.. that's low.
    3. ssbb_lover
      Appreciate it bud, I think it's just a small case of heartache and teenage angst. I can get a sense of the poor sleep schedule. /: I get about 4-5 hours every night during the school year myself, can't imagine what yours is like. If you don't mind me asking, where do you work (PMs are always an option as well)?
    4. spyro king
      spyro king
      dragon ball raging blast demo
    5. spyro king
      spyro king
      waiting 4 a download 2 be done u?
    6. spyro king
    7. ssbb_lover
      Yeah, I feel like a jerk for being depressed with all this R&R, haha.. that's very impressive (and ambitious of you), though. Is everything going alright? That sounds like a load of stress. ]:
    8. Shadowking
      Yeah I'd prefer to keep this name because I know a lot of members from '07 that would not know who the hell I was if I changed my name. But I'm tired of the glitch >_<

      And I've been trying to help out by talking to Foxy and reporting posts...but after this time talking to Foxy I'm a little embarrassed to ask: is Foxy male or female? XP
    9. DG~X
      Yeah..the mods have a lot on there hands these couple of days. If i had the power to change my name..hmm..it would be something classic like my name.:P. The admins go online but they are so damn quite..they need to talk more!
    10. ssbb_lover
      Woah.. been a while, mayne. P: Tyler is indeed correct. I am both happy and depressed recently.. too much time on my hands because of this break me thinks. How are you?
    11. DG~X
      You still have that problem, damn i thought it was fixed by now. The spammer dude is back if you didnt already know...ah..this is going to be a long year...X_X.
    12. GigaRidley
      I just searched for Ridley on google. Obviously, I was instantly smitten with this fine picture. Also, I love your avatar too. Pure Pwnage is great, I miss it.
    13. DG~X
      In the profile pic of yours which one is you? The middle one?
    14. spyro king
      spyro king
      urrite lol
    15. spyro king
      spyro king
      did u see all that spam that guy made?
    16. spyro king
      spyro king
      wow your a old member
    17. WiiSpeak34
      hey wanna go on animal crossing right now?
    18. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      There we Go! :lol:
    19. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      X3 I went to photobucket and searched "boom head" (couldn't say headshot or it would block it :lol:
    20. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      like my avatar? :lol:
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