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Jan 9, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Nov 26, 2010
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Sound Whore

Shoot2Kyll was last seen:
Jan 9, 2012
    1. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      I'm on now.
    2. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      mine is: 492774056383
      dang:/ whats the campaign/story mode about?
      to hard to level up? lol
      hahaha whyyyy!!!! no im kidding.:lol: what you been up to?
    6. shallowbay
      Man I get so frusterated playing regular (not hardcore) modes. I don't know how many times I popped 5-6 rounds in to someone and then got killed by them with one shot. I was using a commando to. Not an under powered weapon at all. You were decimating everyone with that shotty!
    7. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      I didn't notice.
    8. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      Sweet! f**** epic.
    9. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      ok so last night i decided to do a little search N destroy
      i entered a random lobby about a quarter into the game

      and it was a hacked match
      some guys were moon jumping and ****
      and this guy knifed me from the sky WITHOUT being remotely ****in close to me

      the match ended by the enemy team ganing like 900010210 kill points by knifing me

      we went into the lobby area and my ****IN MY MOTHER ****IN STATS ARE RESET


      Yeah I'm pissed really ****in pissed
      I called activision/treyarc and nintendo and they couldn't do a ****in thing to help me get my **** back the way it was WTF man this is bullshit!
    10. shallowbay
      Bring on the sound whores! Some guy set a sentry gun in that back building that everyone sets claymores at and fires out the window on Radiation. He had the sentry gun pointing out the window so I just crept up the stairs and m72'd the sh*t out of that thing and BAM! Ghost Pro!!!
    11. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      you know im not even gonna lie to you
      I want to prestige to 15th now that i decided to prestige to level 1

      BUUUT its gonna take me forever
      i want an xp lobby but i guess idk pride is keeping me from reaching the top in an illegal way

      btw did you know there is a mod menu for black ops
      which allows the hacker to rank or de-rank ppl? lol
    12. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      HA! so it WAS FAKE after all i just youtubed it and found some guys video debunking the whole thing as FALSE lol

      what total noobing
      oh and get this about a week ago i was on noobtown as well lol
      and the jeep next to the bus was about to explode i threw my tomahawk

      and helped the car explode and killing 3 people lol.

      and the most important thanks for not reacting in a harsh way as i imagined you would. But all bullshit aside

      your 15 prestige on wii black ops right? well i finally decided to prestige too! on both wii and ps3 and half of me is happy and the other half is like "**** why did i do this ****!?! i lost all my damn GEAR!!!"
    13. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      hey I just wanted to apologize to you about my awfully rude comment I left you on your 101 kills on nuketown with the Famas

      I was out of place and acted like a total dick to be quite honest.
      you don't have to reply to this

      I just don't want any kind of drama going on in a forum especially with someone who has done ABSOLUTELY nothing to me but gave respect and best of opinion's comments on my threads
      I just tend to say **** exactly how i feel about it and or whatever is on my mind

      So i'm sorry again peace and love.
      [sidenote] If wii had theatre mode you prob should of captured that match. Also have you seen the insane 541 kills on havana in ONE match for the ps3?
    14. betoski10
      oh ook haha XD
    15. betoski10
      hey what sup u have goldeneye 007..?
    16. SD_BIGSHOT
      what game modes are there? and how long have had it? lol
    17. SD_BIGSHOT
      oh ok is ge better than bo?
    18. SD_BIGSHOT
      i dont play mwr much either. do you have quantum of silence
    19. SD_BIGSHOT
      whats up bro! its been a while. lol
    20. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      Nah, I let a friend borrow it,
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