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Jan 9, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Nov 26, 2010
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Sound Whore

Shoot2Kyll was last seen:
Jan 9, 2012
      hey whats your ally code in mwr?
    2. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      im down to play anytime man
      i dont know when we can play because i pretty much wanna play w/e at least when it comes to WAW

      how about idk sunday? or just pick a time that best suits you bro.
    3. hybrid -x1
      hybrid -x1
      hey dude i remember reading a comment you left about you playing world at war still for the wii? So do you? and wanna add each other? I know its an old game but world at war is my favorite call of duty.

      also do you have a clan? Because I've finally decided to put a sport i guess and join a clan. Don't worry I'm not a hacker nor do I glitch it like my bud partyguy you know [GM] hes just a really REALLY good friend of mine

      anyway thanks man peace
    4. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      I fixed my internet!
    5. XxMARINExX
      lol not if u got used to it in a week i was getting stelth bombers emps and choppergunners and ac130s the guns were better and looked alot better in mw2 the gun graphics were amazing
    6. XxMARINExX
      i could care less the golden gunz look cheezy and ive made it legitly in mwr which was harder to level up in but by the time i make it there im board with the game so i just want it early so i dont lose my pro perks and stuff i just dont want to make it there and get board and it all be for nuthing u know what i mean? ive wasted my enough time of my life playing video games d:
    7. XxMARINExX
      ya i guess so but u got to addmit it was funner than blackops:yesnod:
      the killstreaks were cooler funner and better they added amazing secondarys like the riot sheild!:yesnod: they just tried to do what the fans wanted they asked for longer ranged shotguns and ballance over realism of the guns thats y only like the F200 had ridiculious recoil so the fans actually messed up most of the game but i got to addmit it was broken and had many flaws but im sure if infinity ward had a second chance thy would make blackops look lik cod 3( worst cod of them all ofcourse by treyarch lol)
    8. shallowbay
      Sorry man I lost connection. Not sure what happened. That was cool. Think I'm gonna switch to the rifle that you and Lazy Jack use. The one I was using ... the PSG1 ... the scope is so big that when you run around it obscures your view. Thanks for the ass kickin. I'll be on tomorrow night. Later man. Supposed to be double XP weekend!!! :yesnod:
    9. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      Its like through a guy on youtube called TheTrueEminem,
    10. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      wanna do a 2v2 tourny??/ its on march 12.
    11. shallowbay
      Wanna try some MW tonight?
    12. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      Not asof yet will work on it tomorrow
    13. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      It's cool, my internet is being weird so I don't know when i'll be on next.
    14. lazy jack
    15. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      I meant the black ops ones,
    16. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      Its SN_DROPSHOT, the servers are down now I think.
    17. lazy jack
    18. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      Great, did you register our team?do I need to register too?
    19. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      How about something funny like (SN) Squirrel Ninjas? Just a thought.
    20. lazy jack
      lazy jack
      I didn't read this so I sent a pm.You can make it, I don't really care.You?
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