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The Storm
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Apr 3, 2017 at 7:28 PM
Mar 22, 2008
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The Storm

Legendary Super Saiyan

I have returned Apr 3, 2017

The Storm was last seen:
Apr 3, 2017
    1. Bodine
    2. Splash_King

      I keep ****ing forgettin', sorry bro. :lol: I'll get it done 'fore I log off, definitely.
    3. Neosquid
      Most likely tomorrow, after school.
    4. Neosquid
      Not really, I would rather make up my own character. But if you need someone to control one of the required roles at the last minute I guess I can do so.
    5. Neosquid
      I am interested in joining. Please give me some time to come up with a character and write an SU, however.
    6. Splash_King
      ****... Sorry to hear that, bro. =( Yeah, that's certainly more important than Wiichat.

      ... Were ya close, if ya don't mind me asking?
    7. Splash_King
      Good on ya. I certainly figured you wouldn't be the type to exchange reputation for cash. :P

      'Sup dude?
    8. Splash_King
      So, you'd throw a fight if the money was good? ¬_¬
    9. Splash_King
      "Moral appearance"?

      ****, it must be fun. :lol: For money as in gambling, or gettin' paid?
    10. Splash_King
      Figures... Yep, that's life. =/

      A new job? The old one didn't work out? D:
    11. Splash_King
      The same as always, bro... The same as always. :P Living a humble and quiet life that never seems to change. Not that I'm complainin'.


      I gotta stop these sporattic disappearing acts from this place....

      ... What have I done... It all started with me. ;_;
    12. Splash_King

      Late Happy Thanksgiving bro. Would of remembered to send individual messages to everyone, but... yeah. You know my memory and such. >_>;
    13. clintonxxx
      do you have wii number and animal crossing friends code
    14. Splash_King
      You still didn't answer my question. -_-; How the **** is the phrase gay? You're bullshittin' me. =/
    15. Splash_King
      Im sorry but thats the gayest phrase in the english language, CK.... lol.... I rofl everytime you post that...

      ... How the **** is that gay? -.-
    16. Splash_King
      OH MY ****ING GOD

      Storm, I love you like a brother from another mother, you epic sunova *****. That **** had me rofling in triumph. MAGIKARP FOR MOTHER ****IN' TOP TIER! :D :D :D
    17. Splash_King
      Well, it's about that time again... The Whimsicott's are callin' bro. Peace out.

      And, by the by, you have 911 visitor messages before this one. lolwut?
    18. Splash_King
      Post limit, hah.

      Also, while any other Dragon can't do this either, you can't wall both Sp.A and Atk with Altaria. It's primarily special weaknesses of Ice and Dragon will ruin it, even with Max Sp.D and HP, and when it's lacking full defensive investment it's not going to take a physical attack on the switch at all, so that's out of the question.

      Stat-up tanks are just not viable without the stat-up move being prioritized/backed with crazy speed, as well as a better defensive stat than just 306 max. It has great typing, but so do the other Flying/Dragons that are plain better, bro. The hat bird is garbage. :P
    19. Splash_King
      Life better throw me some good ****in' karma soon, then... .-.;

      Bulky 'Mence and Bulky D-nite (non-DD) do the job better, bro. They can actually fight back (even with investment, Altaria's attack/special attack is just pathetic...), 'Mence can drop the foe's attack on the switch while Altaria has to switch in, take a hit, and THEN cotton spore, and Altaria isn't bulky in any sort. Invest fully in defense, then yes, it can wall physically, but only if it outspeeds it's target to Cotton Spore and roost to recover after taking a nasty broadside.
    20. Splash_King
      Man, now I'm back to staying up at 4 AM lately... ~_~ I need to hit the hay and start countin' me some Whimsicott. Later bro.
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