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The Storm
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Apr 3, 2017 at 7:28 PM
Mar 22, 2008
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The Storm

Legendary Super Saiyan

I have returned Apr 3, 2017

The Storm was last seen:
Apr 3, 2017
    1. The Storm
      The Storm
      Its cool man, i wasnt trying to sound derogatory, just pointing it out. and if you need any other tips or whatnot, just let me know, id be happy to help. :thumbsup:
    2. CG_Reaper
      hey sorry for the grammer.Im a really good reader but an ok speller and on some parts i probably pushed a different letter on the keyboard but sorry and thanks for the tips.
    3. The Storm
      The Storm
      I know, the whole reason for that was that i was trying to get lbu8 to post something so i could continue posting, but the last one was as Valentine.
    4. Shadow*91
      don't post as Sekhmet again until lbu has Satra "find" him ok? its a little bad you having him post when hes supposedly exhausted at the bittom of a crevice
    5. The Storm
      The Storm
      heh, ok. will do
    6. Shadow*91
      hey storm, check out the 'One character that would have made brawl perfect' thread. i think you'll like what the characted i made.

      heres a hint: you know him
    7. The Storm
      The Storm
      yes, all the way. I am back, and thank god the forum's back up. What happened to the quest?
    8. lbu8
      hey, if you come back, do you have any interest in bringing back The Ultimate Quest?
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