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Jan 20, 2010 at 7:59 PM
Jan 6, 2010
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needles CA.

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WiiChat Member, from needles CA.

.tiny9. was last seen:
Jan 20, 2010
    1. ericdw1000
      5706 737991538011 add me i dont know any body who has a wii execept me oh and my cod name is 007
    2. blazefang
      I want to gone
    3. suspect86
      watz goin on listen stop by our clan website www.wiiconquerclan.tk we are recruiting and need more pplz. we are a really good clan and are looking for new potential... we are also involved in the gb's which is gamebattles.com.. once ur in the website just write in the chatbox that wC|Mr.Kill sent you here thnks hope to see you in thnx and bye
    4. !_NOONE_!
      hi dont worry about it mine took a while aswell. its just that were getting a lot of people wanting to join now.so it will take a couple of days.bye
    5. !_NOONE_!
      well done. youre going to be very happy at our clan
    6. !_NOONE_!
      you should join bro. its a fantastic clan and we could sure use someone with your ability in our clan.this is the perfect clan. trust me, just come down to imperialforcesclan.webs.com and tell them that IF]Noone referred you. just fill out your profile and there you are.
    7. !_NOONE_!
      add me on cod 058330851988 pm urs cheers
    8. BISKIT09
      126826360935 ...... Hit me up with yours and ill add you
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