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Oct 12, 2011 at 8:41 PM
Feb 9, 2011
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Gobbles, MI

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WiiChat Member, from Gobbles, MI

TKING11 was last seen:
Oct 12, 2011
    1. Insidous
      I see that u are a member of [RS] I requested to join in early October but never got a response. I would just like to know why
    2. scout00721
      good game!! i was [DE]*scope
    3. MethLepard
      Yo, I added a while ago, if you get a chance add me 1346 2972 8747 Maybe you are on my list already. Whats your screen name?

      Disregard this whole message I ment it for KNOWN1. sorry.
    4. KNOWN1
      oh yeah just kidding its a really old thread lol
    5. KNOWN1
      oh lol - i was also wondering why you're making threads about you at lvl 54 and 53 when both of your guys are 56... like about exp considering theres no lvl 57 (ihope!)
    6. scout00721
      ok. thanks it's ok. nvm
    7. scout00721
      hey, do u know how to make a clan banner?
      pm me.
    8. KNOWN1
      Well Whatevs..I just wanted to privately ask you about HQ...and talk^
    9. 00zaner
      I'll be adding you this evening when I get home. I've played you before and look forward to the next time.

      FC 466463770009 - 00zaner
    10. KNOWN1
      find me on skpye? i am yviveny i wanna ask you sometin
    11. UNKNOWN1
      Wow HQ hacks :/
    12. Dorian
      Not sure which of your FCs I added - what's your BARAKA FC? I've played you before as Baraka and you kick ass!
    13. UNKNOWN1
      Im up for a rematch, but we gotta get HQ, hes moving at the moment and cant play goldeneye for another week, and we need a 4th high level :/
    14. Dorian
      Hi Mate,

      I've added you. My FC is 3580-3606-0338

      See you on the battlefield!

      Dorian (aka Agent D)
    15. TKING11
      haha whatever man, I thought it was pretty lame but you can play however you want. Kinda like spawning 2 times a game to the other teams 6 or 7 right? I figured a partied up team like yourselves would be agood challenge but it turned into you guys not spawning, toobing, Volcorano throwing proxies, and honestly I was very unimpressed. Only reason I stuck around was to bust up your fun to atleast give you a little challenge. Anyways later.
    16. KNOWN1
      Hey sorry about the toobing, but my rule is that when there's anothre toober on the opposite team, you take out your toob.
    17. TKING11
      Hey, honestly I have been very pissed off the last 2-3 days about host quits. I have been roling under random names lately to see true colors of forum people. I ran into you yesterday under the name "Savage" and like I said it was not cool. Then today under the name "MADAFLIPPIN" I ran into you r team again and same thing. Very dissapointed in a lot of people from the fourm. I honestly ran into 8-10 forum guys in the past few days who either rage quit or host quit cuz of bad performances. I finally had enough tonight after that [D4] panzie quit. I went around to a few chats to try and find you but couldn't to see what the hell was up with it. Just remember you never know who you might be playing under a random name.
    18. UNKNOWN1
      I'm also stressed because I'm having surgery tomorrow. Sorry again :(
    19. UNKNOWN1
      Meh sorry dude, Ive been rage quitting a lot lately because of a whole team toobing. Sorry dudePs I was wondering why he wassuch a good hero lol
    20. Chino D
      Chino D
      So when were you playing Team Conflict?P.S. name the member(s)
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    Gobbles, MI
    Wii Username:
    [RS]TKING11....I go bye [RS]YELAWOLF also.



    [RS]YELAWOLF [Level 56] FC: 2235-1503-8200

    MK BARAKA [Level 56] FC: 1116-0446-9432