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Nov 4, 2020 at 10:19 AM
Aug 30, 2012
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God-Slaying Vanguard, from Serenes Forest

Tragonight was last seen:
Nov 4, 2020
    1. Kheldar
      As long as I'm around theres something interesting afoot, I'm... like you, I'm the "second rate" mind who observes the "third rate" mind attempt to reach the "first rate's" heights. I'm an observer who feels more enjoyment from sitting on the sidelines watching the game unfold, criticizing the choice in strategy, pushing the underdog up, and laughing as he inevitably fails. And I wait for the one in a million rebel, the one who really does it, the one who overcomes all odds.
    2. Kheldar
      Believe me things are going to get even more interesting soon, of course, that's assuming everything goes exactluy according to keikaku, but with three great minds conspiring how could it not? And of course, after the group is together and the plan is in action, I really don't know what we'll do after... it'll still be more interesting than this though.
    3. Splash_King
      It could be either or. I assume Sundown since that's the literal interpretation.
    4. Splash_King
      His name's Sun with a downwards-pointin' arrow at the end.
    5. Splash_King
    6. Splash_King
      I don't see 'em online during the day. >_>;
    7. Splash_King
      ... Sexism is weird. To put it lightly.

      Actually no, it's not obvious. I don't know if ya both wanted t' add each other, nor do I know if either of ya's deleted the other. The point of the VM was t' get you to join the match as well, not to confirm if you had his FC.
    8. Splash_King
      Woman ain't able t' be manly? That's just sexist. /irony

      Aye, hence why I VM'd ya 'bout it.
    9. Falcofan02
    10. Falcofan02
      The site keeps crashing
    11. Falcofan02
    12. Kheldar
      I'm basing it off of psychological guesses, cut me some slack.
    13. Falcofan02
      Now I see why you don't want an All is Brawl account...
    14. Splash_King
      'Ey Scrubknight (if you were a Meta mainer I would call ya that), MR's amigo Sundown is hostin' a P:M lobby. Ya should join if you've got 'em on your FC list.
    15. Splash_King
      ... I wouldn't know.

      Samus isn't at all feminine. The opposite really, she's manly. Perhaps even badass.

      XY isn't out yet, so that's a bad example since the comparison isn't really valid...
    16. Neosquid
      ...why not?
    17. Splash_King
      It's not. Not in terms of the experience. It's bloody fun, but you're long past that initial stage of bein' new to the game. Brawl is also an old game now. I'm talkin' 'bout playin' games that ya haven't before anyways, not playin' a few of the same good ones over 'n over. That gets old quick and only limits one's enjoyment as a gamer. I used t' play Pogeymanz non-stop, and when I did stop Red Dead Redemption 'n AC: Revelations multiplayer became my new obsession. Look where I am now, not a single Metroid game played... amongst many other games both old and new goin' unplayed.

      I think that's the best part 'bout bein' a gamer, playin' a new game that would become one'a your new favorites. New experiences.
    18. Neosquid
      I played a fair amount of old games on Virtual Console for the Wii and 3DS. But for Gamecube games and other stuff you can't get on Virtual Console, that's a lot more tricky. I've assumed you've checked Amazon and e-bay already.
    19. Neosquid
      v Yeah, the Prime games are bloody fantastic.
    20. Splash_King
      Ya misunderstood. I ain't playin' the retro Metroids not 'cause they ain't good, but 'cause they aren't relevant to my personal interests. I usually don't care much for pre-64 bit retro games unless they're RPGs. The Metroid games are bloody fantastic and I've no doubt I'll enjoy 'em, but said retro RPGs Earthbound 'n various Final Fantasy games take priority since they pertain more to my tastes in gaming than Metroid does. If I had a USB drive for playin' ISOs, I would've played the Prime series ages ago anyways, those games are actually high on my priority list. Metroid, modern or retro, is definitely not on the bottom'a the list of must-play games. 'Specially the modern ones IMO. A truly good shooter in more than just gameplay is a rare thing t' behold.

      There's no fair reason, you've no excuse for not playin' good games since ya literally don't play any. So get to it ya nub, you're missin' out.
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