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Sep 20, 2016 at 8:27 PM
Aug 30, 2012
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God-Slaying Vanguard, from Serenes Forest

Tragonight was last seen:
Sep 20, 2016
    1. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Go to rules and turn on buffer
      then set stocks next to your name to 4
    2. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      And set buffer to 4
    3. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Ok getting online
    4. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      are you still there?
    5. Mr. MR
    6. Mr. MR
    7. Neosquid

      another convincing argument for me to get PM. As awesome as that is, I still don't see myself ever getting into it.
    8. Splash_King
    9. Neosquid
      What does your Ubers team consist of? MR gets serious props for using my child against an Ubers team. My favorite child, at least, you bastards know how much I fanboy over multiple Pokemon...

      Looking at the UU viability thread, Ice Beam only hits Hippowdon (which can't touch Cress anyway), Honchcrow (Moonblast), the Nidos (Psychic), Aerodactyl, Shaymin, Mega Ampharos, Crobat (Psychic), Flygon, Krookodile (Moonblast), Vivillon, Chesnaught (Psychic), uh...well, it's only good for Noivern, Tangrowth, Gourgeist, what I listed without parenthesis, and a few other things, I don't think any of those warrant the use of Ice Beam.
    10. Neosquid
      yeah, I mean it's usable, but I'm not convinced that it's good. Not that I have any experience with Ubers.

      What tier are you using Cress in? As much as I dislike using suicide moves, Lunar Dance is useful. But Moonblast seems useful too. I don't see any other moves in its movepool, aside from Screens, Trick Room, Calm Mind, weather moves, Magic Coat, and Thunder Wave. Magic Coat would be good on a Toxic set too, but it's a Gen V tutor move, which is annoying, and none of the other moves would be good for your set. It also has some good doubles stuff like Icy Wind and Helping Hand, but again that's irrelevant.
    11. Neosquid
      I saw it on the viability list, sure, but I'm still skeptical about its performance there. B- is good, but I'm slightly confused about whether or not it should be lower. I don't really know.

      actually, cresselia's bulk is higher, a very significant amount so. Its max HP is 25% higher, and it has the same special defense, and almost the same physical defense. What do you want it to do? Cresselia's better in about every role, I'd imagine.
    12. Neosquid
      yeahhhhh bitches
      maybe this will help people realize how good it is and they'll use it more in UU. And OU, though it's not quite as good in OU, obviously.
    13. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Oh that was you just trying to get just a k in a post
    14. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      what picture did you try to post?
    15. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Two people are on Netflix
      Too much lag
    16. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      Want to add me on the Wii U
      lol I sound like a friggin n00b
    17. Zeldagal
      Right? It's like,

      Playing with days of practice...

      Playing with months worth of what should be rust...
    18. Zeldagal
      Heeey we can PM today if you're up for it. Or to-morrow. I'm doing work at the moment but we can later on today.

      I may or may not be a bit rusty. Strangely though, I've noticed that if I leave the game alone for a while with 0 practice, I sometimes do better. Ever experienced that?
    19. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR
      What reason?
    20. Mr. MR
      Mr. MR

      When your ready to do the Bimonthly, Karp's gone
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