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Sep 16, 2013 at 12:08 PM
Apr 5, 2011
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WiiChat Member, from co

trollface was last seen:
Sep 16, 2013
    1. TampaBondo
      I think I had 2 of the longest killing streaks I've ever had as a hero in that one!
    2. keishababe
      cud you add me on wii plz 4174 8573 7576 0154
    3. Epsil0n
      I feel like i added you on GE....have I? If not, we need to fix that!
    4. Splash_King
      Even if the vote wasn't over, ... no. :lol:
    5. Splash_King
      A happy Thanksgivin' to ya as well. =)
    6. Splash_King
      $2?! ... Mad jelly, bro. ;_;

      I've do have of those multiple-game joysticks though. The one with the original pac-man, space invaders, and others that I've forgotten since it's gathering dust somewhere. :lol:
    7. WiiAssasin
      I always click on the Active Topics section. I'll read whatever's the first thing to come up and possibly comment on it.
    8. WiiAssasin
      Ah, always a pleasure to see another coffee connoisseur in these threads.
    9. Egozilla
      Added you to my Friend List
    10. Egozilla
      Hmm, that makes it a bit more enticing. Never tried doin git that way.
    11. Splash_King
      I'm a youngin' of 19, actually. :lol: My good friend's father is the most retro of retro gamers. The only reason I've so much as held an Atari 2600 Joystick is because he's had a working one all these years.
    12. Egozilla
      I have played Heroes more than I care to play it. The only time I do well at all is when I get into Facility. Then I just get into a room and shoot the little bastards as they come into it. Otherwise I get my ass shot up. Something about Heroes just doesn't work for me. I play it from time to time when a friend takes me to it but otherwise I steer clear. By the way, what is the name you use on Goldeneye? I can't keep track of who is who.
    13. Splash_King
      When members ask about my "mod agenda", it's my pleasure to inform 'em. :thumbsup: A thank you to question my actions, as well. Can't be a good mod without feedback, IMO.

      You see anythin' you don't like, hit the report button real quick and we'll be on it fast as a hound dog to a steak. ;)
    14. Egozilla
      I knew I forgot something - to add you. As for HEROES - I don't like it. I stick with Team Conflict and BB when I team up. Otherwise I go straight conflict. But BB is my favorite. I did recently load a Sniper loadout and I have been playing a lot of team conflict just so I can snipe. It's rather fun and not something I ever did until recently. But as a 56 I have no need for XP - so a game with a few kills where I get to snipe appeals to me.
    15. jojack2010
      hello trollface
    16. Egozilla
      Don't you worry it. I can take it and I enjoy it as much as any other bastard. That is, anyone who can take what they sling. So, it's all good, man.
    17. KKAHN
      It works here is mine 3150-1645-5492 lets rock buddy.
    18. rell
      BTW! Sorry for that crappy heroes game in docks, I didn't even realize I was the host until the last second. Man the game was so damn laggy for me I couldn't even hear the sound of my own gun shooting. Sometimes it seemed like people were coming out of the walls and shooting me lol, like WTF 1sec ago there was no one there.
    19. rell
      Doubt I be in top 100 lol, I don't even check my stats honestly. Appreciate the props :thumbsup:
    20. KKAHN
      ok I will try it again hope it works. and where did you get the idea for your profile pic of the face just wandering i saw it on the news with some protesters with some wall street jerks. just curious about it is all.
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