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Jun 17, 2012 at 11:47 AM
May 28, 2011
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New York
I go to Middle School

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Level 56, from New York

UNKNOWN1 was last seen:
Jun 17, 2012
    1. dad uk
      dad uk
      Cool, got yer gambo :)
      Ivana next bud !
    2. Blackecho
      You had 55k to go last night when we spoke!?!

      God I played some **** last night :(
      sorry i have been offline for a while. hope the war went well
    4. KNOWN1
      i dunno wwhat ur talking about
    5. Blackecho
    6. KNOWN1
      hi hows life im lvl 42
    7. juwuan
      dont need 2
    8. Egozilla
      That's sorta what I was thinking - but one folks would recognize, just the same. I don't know. I may be moving over to another game some time. Maybe even sticking to home play. The online is fun and addictive but I had a great deal of fun playing Goldeneye's story line where there are no hackers to screw stuff up. When I got the game I popped it in the Wii and got to work playing it on Classic mode and only came online after I beat it. Maybe I'll do that with COD or something.
    9. Egozilla
      I was just gettin' ready to level to 55 - had been tearing it up playing a lot of lower level guys late at night and early in the AM. About two nights ago, while I was on I hit a hacker lobby. I spawned, ran a few steps and ran into three guys - killed them all and then the game ended. Bam - I was 55 and 56 was around the corner. I think I hit it the next day.

      I hit a hacker lobby once before and didn't realize it - thought it was a glitch and stayed in a while. This time, soon as I got the kills I knew what it was but there was no time to bail.

      Gotta say - it was really anti-climactic and quite the let down. I was really enjoying how fast I was getting XP with the Masterton. I'm thinking of starting a new ID and going in from scratch. I dunno, though. I haven't been playing so much since I hit 56. It's sort of like there is no real point and, when I play, it's not with the same zest.
    10. dad uk
      dad uk
      forgot to say ....gambo's ok.....but i've gone back to wazoo due to ROF. I found it disapointing :(
    11. dad uk
      dad uk
      Top man..ggs today, we work well together as a team :) We were destroying them with BE....good fun!
      Epic Industrial games ! 2 in a row !
    12. dad uk
      dad uk
      54....nice one :)
    13. Volcarona
      I thought it was today, but sure.
    14. dad uk
      dad uk
      hi bud. sorry about leaving. got invite from hank and have'nt played him for a few weeks :)
    15. Kira
      Do it via facebook cuz i wont delete those messages one by one... Im from the internet channel
    16. Kira
      no prob. man, hopefully, we can play together now that u got proxies
    17. FG21
    18. juwuan
      it should be on this month or august
    19. Dok
      Jad. The "war" still on for this evening at 8 Eastern?
    20. YanniMB
      i know but everyone even u were like that at first right beside i believe that when he gets to lv 40 he be one of the great players well maybe
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    New York
    I go to Middle School
    Wii Online Code:
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    <UNKNOWN> Level 56
    GE FC: 1328-2546-1378

    Video Games, Lacrosse


    <UNKNOWN>|Level 56
    Goldeneye Friend Code: 132825461378