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Jun 17, 2012 at 11:47 AM
May 28, 2011
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New York
I go to Middle School

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Level 56, from New York

UNKNOWN1 was last seen:
Jun 17, 2012
    1. Egozilla
      It was the god hack, eh? Gotta admit, I am curious about it all. I recently hacked my Wii so I can save my game saves off the wii in case it fails. But I don't get the hacking like this. It seems sort of pointless not to have real competition. Where is the fun?
    2. SoccerF
      im lvl 30 5000 exp to 31, my streak is 19 and my best game is 41-7
    3. SoccerF
      hi, so do u hav a clan or something, how do i join im tryin so see which clan to join either this or pwn,
    4. DeathShot
      yea but we cant clan war cuz the leader of N* used to do hacked matches...
      Anyways, yes Pn3Mar!o, 007, ghost, jokerfly, cyberbully, jorger are all very good players
    5. YanniMB
      i wanna join ur group not theirsā˜†
    6. YanniMB
      r u rivals with the {RK} clan because they offered me to join im not going to unless i dont make it to this clan but r they ur rivals???
    7. John011
      im thinking about it.... i might... as long as hs stats are clean and nothing looks fishy.
    8. Carlito
      No worries mate and GH?
    9. John011
      yeah... dammit.
    10. dad uk
      dad uk
      Hey dude, my kids can play - my 6yr old is level 16 (not very good though) but 7 year old is level28, he's good player, I've watched him hip fire a six streak with golden gun and finish the game in under a minute! He hip fires better than me ! But he gets bored, hes done 3 ds games and LegoSW3 on wii since he stopped playin GE.....hes got the gaming gene and a future SD type me thinks:)
    11. Egozilla
      I was wondering why ya quit. Thanks for letting me know.
    12. wood009
      what happened to the [WC] clan unknown.
    13. Tj17
      hey register me please : 1124 5962 9723 3632
    14. MethLepard
      Its cool, I tried to join your game a few times. I knew that must have been the case. We will play soon.
    15. dad uk
      dad uk
      Yeah 56 - and got there with my favorite guys :) Big thanks to you unknown, top host, top friend , top player. I will drop the ivana for you only !!!! LETS GO KILL !!!
    16. TKING11
      I have 2 battles tonight, but will be on Monday for some games.
    17. dad uk
      dad uk
      LAOD rules :)
      I should be on today (sunday) I'm grindin xp as 14K to go, we should party up for a few games..... I'll try and add to that LAOD kill count, I promise to stand over yer body every time i kill yer LOL :)
    18. scout00721
    19. scout00721
      sorry about my performance. my girlfriend and her friend came over and wanted to play.
    20. dad uk
      dad uk
      ggs today my friend.your LAOD nearly got me in one game ! fc for raziel is 502482593332 - shall I pm him to add you?
      keep them invites comin dude :)
      PS you do host a lot and seem to do well,how you do that !!!!
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    New York
    I go to Middle School
    Wii Online Code:
    Wii Username:
    <UNKNOWN> Level 56
    GE FC: 1328-2546-1378

    Video Games, Lacrosse


    <UNKNOWN>|Level 56
    Goldeneye Friend Code: 132825461378