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Apr 26, 2015 at 1:21 PM
Apr 11, 2011
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The Sun Pokemon, from The great state of Texas!

Volcarona was last seen:
Apr 26, 2015
    1. Dok
      Hey man. Playing with you right now. ^___^ I'd be glad to add you. Get you my FC when I'm done playing.
    2. Egozilla
      My girl has been trying to get into a game with you all night and then she gets into on and "Oh no, I do NOT want to play against these people."

      I hope ya smoke her.
    3. UNKNOWN1
    4. DeathShot
      Hey, i just added u, here's mine 449996749108, see ya
    5. Egozilla
      I felt bad for TNasty - he kept trying to get out of our game and then just kept getting put back in and getting killed.
    6. UNKNOWN1
      The RS clan is better than the DS bc they had a war and won
    7. HomerS742
      Yeah man. We tend to do pretty well whenever we team up. I was trying to get you in with me and 2 of my [RS] teammates last night... Sorry for not accepting your invites last night.
    8. Egozilla
      Well, I've only got two friends on 007 - you and my daughter. She was here and playing online with you - so was my girl and I joined in for the worst game in archive - I got creamed. Everyone I tried to shoot got killed before I could kill them and then I got killed immediately after. It was embarrassing. Still had fun.
    9. tweety98
      hey wanna be goldeneye friend here my code 424349457271 whats yours
    10. Egozilla
      My girlfriend told me you need to change your name back. Heh. That's an official dictum.
    11. Egozilla
      Don't apologize for kicking my ass. I had help - I sucked this morning. Funny thing is, I really never liked conflict at all. More than anything else it just seems to be luck of the draw when it comes to winning. Will the gun aim right? Will someone come around the corner when you're killing someone? Will I spawn over and over again right in front of someone or out in the middle of a field with everyone looking at you as they drool?
      So, I stayed a couple games - quit and took a load off in the bathroom and then returned to black box and sucked there too - got my ass kicked by a bunch of low level noobs before finally getting in the groove about ten games in. Basically, I had about two good games today.

      I did enjoy killing you the few times I did - way more than I should have. I had to get you back as best as I could.
    12. UNKNOWN1
      are you online?
    13. Egozilla
      THat is hilarious! I have been suffering a bit of insomnia myself and so is my girl. I was really surprised to see you on and then really irritated when I caught a case of WiiFreeze right after I sent an invite to you. My girl was really disappointed to find you had left by the time we got back online. I did enjoy killing you a couple times in the Docks - yeah, that one was me. And she has suddenly gotten lots better the last few days. Anyhow, it was fun while it lasted - hopefully we can get it going again soon.
    14. UNKNOWN1
      I added you! My FC: 132825461378
    15. Volcarona
      Eh, no problem man. We all have bad games. Thanks for the fun.
    16. Egozilla
      That was fun tonight having you and Hank playing 007 with us. Sadly, my girlfriend played far better than I did. I think I only had one decent game and the rest I was beaten like a red headed step child.
    17. MuGGe
      hi volcarona i just add you on msn mine is mugge@hotmail.fr so you know who added you see you later on msn or goldeneye, bye
    18. Volcarona
      If you're here for the MSN thingy, my email's in white in between these two lines. Highlight the text to see it.
    19. Egozilla
      That was rather fun last night. I was splitting games with my girl and not doing very well but I still had fun. Team Conflict is not what I usually play and I detest doing it in the Docks - Yeah, that was me sucking ass in the Docks. I usually do Black Box.
    20. Volcarona
      To Bolrae and riordan 85: No prob, I just you 2 plus another friend online and I was like "Eh, might as well group everyone together and dominate some people." It was fun.
      To MuGGe: Yes, I do. If you'd like to trade FC's, it's in my sig.
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    The great state of Texas!
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    Oh god I came back after a couple years for kicks and I have no idea what's going on now.

    wut do halp plz