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Jul 29, 2012 at 12:02 AM
Jan 25, 2009
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Double-You, Em Be Kyew

WMBQ was last seen:
Jul 29, 2012
    1. Splash_King
    2. Neosquid
      Well, thankfully the issue has been resolved.
    3. Neosquid
      What is this sorcery?
    4. detox
      hi do u play cod mwr if yes my fc is 334730254153 send me urs :)
    5. Neosquid
      We should. :0

      Wow, that's a lot more then I have. I have like a dolphin, ghost fly, narwhal, sea urchin, and jack o lantern crab.
    6. RockerJ
      For starters, I'm pretty much out of the whole Nintendo scene :P. I use to be Nintendo crazed, but now I just like them because... they're Nintendo.
      Not much for Pokemon anymore, I just do Challenge Cup with CK & Nick every now and then.
      I'm crazed over "The World Ends With You", just ask about anyone here :lol:
      I'm a Brony, something I never saw coming back in the day.
      And a lot of other things.

      So how've you been?
    7. RockerJ
      Oh boy! I love to see old faces return!

      In case it isn't obvious enough, I've changed... A LOT :lol:
    8. RockerJ
      Da fauq? Where'd you come from?
    9. Neosquid
      I've done a few Nuzlockes, none recently, though. Fakemon are fun to make, which ones have you made?

      Right now I've been playing Pokemon Online a good amount. ^^;

      (Going to bed, will respond late)
    10. Splash_King
      Profit or not, 'least it's cool. :P Ain't too many people out there that hate on music as a whole, that's for sure.

      Anywho, ya won't hear this from me very often, but I'm bloody tired. Gotta go hit the hay 'n count me some Whimsicott. Peace, bro. Glad to have ya back on the forum. =)
    11. Neosquid
      I see. Oh well. :/

      Play any 'Mons recently?
    12. Splash_King
      My definition of a notable talent is one that is widely praised as bein' awesome, or somethin' very profitable. I consider gaming skill neither of those. :lol:
    13. Neosquid
      I just like the show a lot, and as long as you don't hate it for no reason like most people, I don't really care.
    14. Neosquid
      She's 7.5 years older. xD

      Sadface at the last one. ;-;
    15. Neosquid
      Well, I got a 25 year old girlfriend, graduated junior year of highschool, got obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, etc. You?
    16. Splash_King
      A band is only as good as it's weakest link. Whether you're the star or not, you're still a part of the chain that holds together all the winsauce 'n such, yeah?

      lolno. I have but a single talent, which is indeed bein' a boss at video games. Thing is, that's not a notable talent. :P
    17. Splash_King
      Massholes... That's a good one lawl.

      So, what's it like havin' a notable talent? >_>;
    18. Splash_King
      I only read anythin' to sate the craving for any way to preoccupy myself. Parents didn't allow anythin' else, so... Yeah. Nonfictionohgodhowboringcomparedtovideogames.

      Friendly security? That sure as ****'s a rarity in New York... Then again, friendly anyone is. :lol:
    19. Neosquid
      'sup? Haven't seen you in a few eons.
    20. Splash_King
      Do officials give ya any bullshit over street performin'? I hear some cities just-plain ain't kind to one's freedom of (musical) expression 'n such.

      Yep, I definitely remember that dude. You let 'em hijack your account on more than one occasion IIRC, yeah?

      I've definitely heard of the comic, never been much of a comic lover though. Never had the chance to get into it as a kid since I was the epitome of strange and got a kick 'bout readin' these odd foreign writings one might call "non-fiction"... blehhhhhh
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