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IMPORTANT: This connection works (wifi)

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Online' started by Dieselwalz, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Dieselwalz

    Dieselwalz WiiChat Member

    Dec 13, 2010
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    Near Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Hello everybody.

    I just register to tell everybody that there is a very very very simple solution for the connectivity problems.
    Yesterday i was busy to get the WII online what failed.
    Today, after reading millions of sites and forums, I was reading a topic with 1 brilliant reply!!!

    All thanks from me goes to "DanH". His reply works.

    NOTE: This is for WI-FI. Not for modems or routers so far as i known. None too for the wii usb-sticks as WIFI-MAX! But a try for everybody is maybe worth it.

    My setup: (I got a WIFI-MAX but at the moment i don't use it anymore).
    Laptop: HP 620
    Realtek LAN (this is connected to the internet).
    Realtek RTL8191 SE Wi-Fi (intern/built-in) (connected to WII with a program).
    My Antivirus and Windows Firewall is turned of. Not tested yet when i turns it on.
    Important, set by all wifi/ethernet cards "obtain ip automatically"
    And put "Internet Sharing Connection" off!!!

    So if you got a laptop with Wi-Fi built-in or external or a Desktop-PC with a Wi-Fi card, then it should work for 100%


    Go to Connectify (www.connectify.me)
    Download the program from the "download" section and install it.
    In the setup wizard you should enter this:

    WI-FI Name: WII-AP (e.g.)
    Password: (Let it simple with a minimum of eight characters)
    Internet: (That sould be your LAN connection where your PC/Laptop get internet from (the wall), so don't choose your wifi card or connection).

    Then go into your WII internet settings. Choose a new setting, let's search for an Acces Point, and voila! there should be the Wi-Fi connection wich you make with the setup in "Connectify". Put in the password you created and finish the setup. Finaly let the WII test the connection.

    And you should must see that the test is succesfully finished!!!

    Have much fun!!!!

    Many thanks to >>> "DanH"
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