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Rarest Xbox Ever And I Have It.

Discussion in 'Xbox Consoles' started by Nintendo27, May 10, 2011.

  1. Nintendo27

    Nintendo27 WiiChat Member

    May 6, 2011
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    Rarest Xbox 360 Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As part of Red vs Blue charity auctions, autographed by entire Bungie team, with copy of Crackdown.Only One Is Known To Exist. Value: 24,300 http://www.consolecolors.com/images/x360halo3charity.png

    Black Terminator Salvation,Orange Gears Of War,Black DC Comics,and Black Watchmen Xbox 360: given away in a contest by Warner Bros. at ComicCon 10 of each are Known to Exist. 2008.http://www.consolecolors.com/images/x360comiccon.jpg

    Saints Row Xbox 360
    20GB console with Saints Row airbrushed art. 1 is known to Exist

    Netflicks Xbox 360
    Red console with Netflix logo as promotion for Netflix streaming videos to the 360 - not available for sale to the public.

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox 360
    Black with red and gray Ninja design.5 Is Known To Exist

    Xbox Beatles Rock Band(Collectors Item)
    One of a kind, auctioned off by Harmonix

    P.S.I Dont have a Camera so i had to post a link to the ones i have(I Suck Because I Dont Have A Camera).i Dont like to brag,just wanted to show you my Xbox 360 Collection. if i made an Error about the Amount of these in the world,Please Correct Me!
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