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Wii gets a Media Player!!

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Online' started by lenitao3, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. lenitao3

    lenitao3 Pswii or Wii360 ???

    Dec 7, 2006
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    Finally.....Wii can now get a media player through the Internet Channel!! (free)


    now you can:

    - play any audio file, no streaming needed at all!!
    - play any video file at high speed and quality *even .avi (movie)
    - watch pictures from your pc on the Wii

    here are the steps you have to follow:

    1. Make sure you have any version of the Internet channel on your Wii

    2. Donwload and install this media player (free) and then this add-on called "Winamp Remote" on the p.c containing the files you'd like to play on Wii

    3. Register free on the "Winamp Remote" site and login to test your registration

    4. Lauch the "Winamp Remote" application and right click on the icon

    5. Select "configuration", then, on the "Media" tab, click "add" and select the directories on your p.c, where your files are stored

    6. Now, go to your Wii's Internet channel and type "winamp.orb.com" in the address bar (you can also add it to your favourites for easier access) and then login on the site

    7. Finally, simply click on a file, and your Wii will play it in less than 5 seconds (including .avi files - no need to burn on DVD e.t.c.)

    *be sure to have your p.c turned on and connected to "Winamp Remote" service, for you to play any file on your Wii!!

    *the "Winamp Remote" service was previously available as well, but with many issues, about some video file types, slow speed etc... now it's updated and ready to be used to turn your Wii into a media player!! (although it's still a beta, it works perfectly)

    *no need to worry about space issues

    You can also find more info here.

    Please : Do not consider this as an advertisement or spam, i'm just trying to show people what they can do by using their Wii!!

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