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WiiChat Weekly Interviews: FAQ's

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Syntax, Jul 25, 2007.

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    WiiChat Weekly Interviews: FAQ's

    Q: What is the purpose of interviewing members here at WiiChat?
    A: My idea is that by interviewing the various forum members people can get to know said member better. Remember this is just for fun.

    Q: What if people begin to brag about being interviewed?
    A: If you see a member bragging about his or her interview please let me know. Anyone who brags about their interview will either have their interview canceled and or removed.

    Q: When will you start interviewing people?
    A: Next week I will begin to interview people.

    Q: How many people will be interviewed per week:
    A: Each week I will try to interview at least one person.

    Q: Who will you be interviewing?
    A: To start off I will try to alternate between members. Here's a slight example of the schedule I plan on possibly following.

    Week 1:

    - One WiiChat Staff Member.

    Week 2:

    - One WiiChat Member who has helped out around WiiChat.

    Week 3:

    - One Random Member will be drawn.

    Q: How do I enter my name in for the draw?
    A: If you would like to enter into the draw send me a private message letting me know. Every three weeks one member will be chosen to be interviewed.

    Q: Can I suggest questions for the interviews?
    A: Yes you can. Each week I will try to let members which person I will be interviewing so you have time to submit a question.

    Q: How do I submit a question?
    A: If you would like to submit a question please send me a private message. Here are the guidelines to follow.

    Message Title: "X" Member Interview Question
    What to include in the Private Message: Your question.


    PM Title: Syntax Interview Question
    Question: How did you find out about wiichat?/

    Any inappropriate questions will be ignored.

    Q: Have you done this before?
    A: Yes, this idea originated from my old "Exclusive Interviews" over at another forum I used to post on frequently.

    Q: What did they think of the interviews?
    A: They enjoyed them. Not one person had a problem with them.

    Q: When will these interviews start?
    A: Interviews will start next week.


    List of members I'm looking at interviewing:

    Moderators (who have taken an interest in this)

    - Prez
    - Mitch2025
    - The_Loose_Cannon

    Members: Those Who Have Helped Out

    - ssbb_lover (Design Lounge)
    - Wiired (Design Lounge)
    - SurfinRach90 (Entertainment Lounge)
    - DarkPrinny (Owner Of A Red Mushroom)
    - Brawny (Various Forum Tutorials)
    - Cpt. McCloud (Edit Of The Week)
    - Demonflair (Various Forum Tutorials)

    Members: Draw

    - None Yet

    Next Weeks Interview: Prez

    Please submit your names to me by sending me a private message. Also feel free to send me a pm if you have any other questions regarding the WiiChat Interviews. Also if you feel that I have missed a member who has helped out around the forum please let me know and I'll add that person to the list.
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