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  • I caught a weepinbell SHINY in pokemon Gold,but after a few weeks my game glitch and i lose my weepinbell shiny...(sad)
    While playing COD:MW3 I went from 1 80 in about a 45 days on a dummy I thought I could prestige right away I was wrong maybe after could had been a clue. :mad:
    While playing ruby at route 129 just found and caught a wailord on the first try ( wailord has a 1% appearance rate) super happy and caught with sleep full heath ultra ball and lv. 40 now on to relicanth!
    And the battle was mostly my ferrothorn vs Amoonguss that had double team and spore
    While playing my black a super long battle i had just lived though it was 74 turns long!
    I am trying to upload a video b/c I found a Shiny Chimecho today so people believe me
    nidorino is my 7th shiny, 1st a wooper in my Diamond and it was in the safari zone and fled :( then at route 13 in my black a tangla then now nidorino also a shiny geodude and lavitar in leaf green ( I forget when it happen) and finally an eevee and dusknior in rumble and ON THE SAME DAY for eevee and dusknior.
    while playing my heartgold i found a shiny nidoran male about 5 minutes ago from post!
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