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  • Oh, you getting MW2 first? Try to get MWR by Feburary, I'll need good teamates on it :p
    Yes, 'n' how many times can a man turn his head,
    Pretending he just doesn't see?
    ah I don't care. As long as I'm with friends. Happy Lou Gehrig day btw. I know it's the morning after but you know what I mean xD
    I'm a shame to the Jersey Shore. I hate the ocean, I hate the beach. I love the boardwalk though.
    unless you're dying for a futuresque shooter similar to halo, world at war does feel like a smoother and more polished fps. though the conduit is solid, it was way overhyped and seems lacking when compared with WaW, which takes much less to find a match, allows for weapon customization, and looks and controls better overall.
    Hey man, sorry I've just been out so this might be too late, but...I really enjoyed Transformers 2! The reviews are quite ****, but if you take it for what it is - an enjoyable action film with awesome effects - then you won't be disappointed. A lot of reviewers complained about it being too much, too loud, and couldn't really follow what was going on...but personally I had no trouble with it. There's a bit of comedy here and there as well! Plus, it's worth seeing for the first time that Megan Fox is in it. My God!
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