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  • Just got it today, and realized what you mean by the packaging. :lol:
    took me a minute to realize what happened to it when I walked outside. haha
    Hagar was my favorite VH singer, I'll have to check this group out, thanks for the heads up!
    Just listened to one of their songs, sounds great. they couldn't come up with a better name though? :lol:
    Hey bro, a few of us want to bump the draft to Sunday 8pm Eastern, how do you feel about that?
    Listen to ***** is Back by them.
    Thrre was a concert many moons ago featuring Ratt and Poison.
    lol, rat poison
    Hey 1337, dont know if u want to join or not but i started a fantasy baseball league for us wiichatters...info is in the MLB thread...hope to see you there ;)
    wow... it feels kinda funky...
    prolly would've felt worse if i logged in last night...
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