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  • do you want to be friends online and play games together?
    if so, brawl fc is: 2794-5332-7516 the name is qualls and im going to add you on wii system:7849-5508-6360-5463
    i have wii pitfall, i wanted to know if harry can pick up the ladder at the crash site room. where I had to kick down all those vases?
    Hey there, 1995hoo. Wanted for formally invite you to Ninstation. I'm sure you've noticed that not many people come to WiiChat since the admin abandoned it in Feb and most the mods left since then. A lot of former WiiChat members moved over to Ninstation. You should check it out sometime: http://www.ninstation.com/
    I am trying to get to the vine/rope that is above the crocodile pit. You have to jump across the tops of the stone pillars to get to it. It sounds like if I double jump in the air I will get there?

    On the Renegade courtyard, I have tried to get up the upper 2 guys, but was unsuccessful.
    I will try your trick hopefully tonight, and see how far I get.

    Thanks for the help
    I tried to use the "A" button to catch Harry for about 45 minutes. I still can't. I feel like a "tool" having to ask again since I know it worked for you. When I press "A" is the monkey supposed to jump or do anything, becuase he doesn't do anything. I will be continuing to try over the weekend. Thanks again. Hoping that it is something small. I have waited for him to stop running and it didn't work either.
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