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  • On the contrary, it's a tad more lively. Just that activity tends t' be focused in specific threads.
    And there ain't no excuse for that, so you best get t' postin' to make up for your absence.

    wb lawl
    Ahh, Nick (... Or Neosquid, rather) ain't evil. Nor is he the type of fanboy that deserves hate 'n ban hammers. :p
    How can they be shot down within three seconds? Are the players on Wii that sad that when they hear a destroyable killstreak come in they sit and wait with their Anti-air Rocket launchers?
    Minus the over seas part (if you're American), I agree with ya.

    I'd think that the biggest hacker base is between 'Merica and commonwealth nations; probably. I have little doubt that the states is the majority.
    Hey, in your tag i read you play cod and i need some good members for my clan and as you are going in prestige as im also almost going you mayby want to join?
    if you want go www.silentassassins-cod.webs.com :wink: hope you to join. cya
    Everybody at Z16 is very kind and I know I could vouch for that, but what do u mean by "they only supported the good people"?
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